#motherf*cking summer body challenge

17 Mar 2017

A few days ago I was heading out for a run and posted a photo on my IG story that mentioned the #MotherF*ing Summer Body Challenge, and how it was officially taking place. I had sooooo many comments about it that in the middle of my run, during a cool down period, I decided to explain what it was and why I was doing it.

Let’s take a step back first so I can give you some context. This past week I was in Santa Barbara doing a wellness retreat at the Four Seasons (another blog post to come on that later!) and I was looking in one of the beautiful full body mirrors they had. Now, I definitely love my body and I’m pretty happy with how it looks right now, so this isn’t a statement saying I hate my body, blah blah blah. Rather, I looked in the mirror and just realized that I didn’t feel COMFORTABLE in my body as much as I used to.


Pants (similar style) –  Top (similar style) – Mala beads (similar style)

This is a pretty simple reason of why: I’ve been quite stressed over the past 6 months and haven’t been consistent with healthy eating and working out. Plus, stress adds cortisol to your body and I’ve gained some weight in my tummy and hips. I’m sorry, but no matter what size you are, gaining weight if you haven’t planned it is not fun. Point blank.

In that moment looking in the mirror I realized that I was over the excuses. Too often do we say, I don’t have have, I’m too busy, I don’t have money to workout, etc. etc. I finally hit my breaking point of NO. MORE. F*CKING. EXCUSES. That’s it. I’m done. I want to feel great in my skin because I deserve to. So…

The #motherf*ckingsummerbody challenge is born

I signed up for a new gym because I realized I needed to change my fitness routine up because I want that summer body! Yeah…maybe I wasn’t thrilled about how expensive the gym was, but I know investing in my health will keep me extra accountable! My mind was like “Just f*cking do it.”

Sometimes we just need that extra discomfort to push us to the next place we need to be…right?

With that being said….

While I was meditating after the gym, I imagined myself in Europe laying on the beaches of France freshly bronzed, toned, and glowing. I thought to myself… “I’m on a MOTHER F*CKING SUMMER BODY MISSION!!”


Bikini (similar style) – Sunglasses

And that’s when it came to me…I’m going to start the “Mother F*ing Summer Body” challenge, which really was just supposed to be for myself, but so many of you were wondering about it and commented saying you wanted to join. So I decided to make it OFFICIAL BABY! It will go until 6/1.

Here’s what the challenge is all about and how to join:

1- Comment on my IG  & say you are joining

2- Workout 4x a week, any workout, any length

3- Find an accountability partner (IG is a great place to find one!)

4- Have a smoothie 3x per week, (any meal– breakfast, lunch or dinner)


This is about committing yourself to making a change because YOU deserve it!

Additional pieces

If you need motivation to kickstart the weight loss, I ALWAYS recommend doing my detox. Not because I’m a salesy type person, but because it actually works. Thousands and thousands of people have done it- so, I’m not just saying this. I say it because the plan works. The app keeps you accountable and reminds you at times to eat, has guides, and helps you take your before and after pic. I think it goes hand in hand with the book though, as the book is literally EVERYTHING I’ve learned about health! The book was a true labor of love to help you all lose weight.

Clean eating on a budget guide HERE

My 5-day workout guide to help you tone & tighten HERE


Bike (similar style) – Yoga Pants (similar style) – Sunglasses

Remember not to weigh yourself throughout the challenge ladies. It’s about FEELING good in your clothes and not attaching to some number outcome. SO- TAKE YOUR BEFORE PHOTOS! I keep mine in a photo app that has a password so I can delete them from my phone. The before photos are KEY to seeing the changes. We all know that doesn’t work anyways. The only thing in the way is our own fear and self doubt so let’s CRUSH it…

Cheers to a freakin bikini weekend. Comment below and on my INSTA if you’ll be joining.

I do also have a FB group if you want to join to stay accountable.



Here’s to the  mother fucking summer body babes!


4 Responses

  1. RedSportsCar says:

    Awesome, good for you! The feeling that came across when I read this, was that you were doing this for YOU, because YOU wanted to do it, and not because you had to hit some ‘magic number’ or make someone else happy. That ‘beaches of France’ imagery (with some amazing new bikinis, of course!!) is a great motivational thought bug. Summer is coming and the time is now!

    • nikki sharp says:

      Exactly. Getting fit and healthy should only be for US 🙂 Glad the post conveyed that 🙂 thanks for commenting

  2. Paulina says:

    I’m joining!

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