My 151k Instagram Account

07 Sep 2013

My own health and fitness journey has been an interesting one. I started my instagram account @staysharpbestrong last June (2012) as a way to track my own progress, get healthy and post pictures of my meals. I knew that people were getting sick of me posting these pictures on my personal account, so I originally opened my other one as an anonymous one where I never showed my face. I didn’t want anyone knowing who I was… it was a place to get feedback without judgement of who I was or what I did in life.

I realized that I actually got a lot of joy out of posting pictures and it seemed others did too… my account grew from 1,000 followers to 4,000 in a matter of months, which was just crazy to me! I didn’t understand why, but I didn’t fight it. The account was a place to support one another and post fun pictures.

It was around January when I really started posting pictures of myself- once I hit 10,000 followers. It was monumental to me; to have so many people coming to me for advice was just crazy! But the support was incredible and the more I shared who I was, the more the account grew. I finally realized two things: 1. People liked the positive, motivational pictures with mantras and 2. They wanted my advice when it came to all things health. This is when I went back and deleted any posts that were not something that could be reposted, was a happy message, or gave a delicious recipe. I also changed my account name and this is really when the followers started rolling in! Changing it from a not-so-positive name to something that represented health, is what people wanted to see and I’m so glad I made the change. I now have 151,000 (can I repeat that: 151,000!!!) followers on my @staysharpbestrong account and another 16,000 on my personal @nikkisharp.  That is just unreal to me!

So what has Instagram taught me? Many things!

  • It’s made me a more caring person. It’s made me realize that we all struggle with the same things in life and ultimately just want support. When someone comes to me with a question it’s because they want my advice, which makes me feel honored. I want to help as many as I can and I believe that by taking two seconds out of my day to respond to a question or comment, it can make someone else go from having a bad to good day.
  • I realize there is such a big community in this world that wants to support each others progress. I have met some absolutely INCREDIBLE people through instagram and it’s been the most amazing thing to be able to share my passion with others who are interested in the same thing as myself.
  • It’s helped me keep my progress going on moments that I want to quit! There have been so many times when I do what we all do, which is eat one bad thing or skip a few days of working out and I feel like crap. I want to feel bad for myself and give myself pity, but then I see all the amazing comments from my followers and it picks me right back up. The people that follow me keep me on track and wanting to set a good example! Posting pictures of my progress, when I go to the gym, and keeping myself motivated has in turn motivated others and it’s been so rewarding.
  • The followers I have on Instagram have shown me that I have the power to help others, which has single handedly been the most rewarding thing I’ve done yet. I have been able to create a company around this, which is something I never imagined possible. The support I’ve received has been amazing!

So thank you to my followers, the people who have supported me, my friends and family and I am just beyond excited for the exciting projects that I’m working on currently.



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