My Favorite Beauty Products

29 Aug 2016

I gave you guys a look inside my beauty routine and other things I’m loving in the previous blog post, Things I’m Loving In July. Well, its August so it’s time for an update! Everyone is always asking me what skincare and makeup I use, so I wanted to give you a closer look, so here are my favorite beauty products right now!

It’s all about natural products at the moment. You have probably been seeing this trend everywhere, but have a lot of questions or don’t know where to start. We worry so much about what food we put in our body, so why shouldn’t the same apply to what we are putting ON our skin.

Let’s talk about acne. We can all agree that a pimple popping up on your face can ruin your day. I have also struggled with this in life. Eating clean and using clean products have made a huge difference with my skin. These listed below are my tried and true, the products I keep going back to.

My Favorite Beauty Products

Masque Purifiant

This is hands down one of the best mask I’ve tried. You have probably been reading all the benefits of charcoal for skin. I always make sure to include charcoal in my skincare routine. This Purifying Mask gently exfoliates, draws out impurities, and soothes the skin. My skin always looks better after 10 minutes with this mask.



Rosewater Spray

This Rosewater Spray is a total pick-me-up that has become a staple of mine. You will always find this in my office or purse when traveling. One or two sprays instantly refreshes your skin. It can also be used to set your makeup.


Protect all over sunscreen

The biggest anti-aging secret you have probably heard is wear SPF, and for good reason! I never leave my house without sunscreen on. I used to hate wearing sunscreen because it would make my skin oily or breakout. I have found Beauty Counter All Over Sunscreen to work really well with my skin. It blends right in and doesn’t make my skin look oily at all. It also has aloe, which helps to hydrate skin, green tea, which is a great antioxidant and blood orange extracts which fights free radicals.


Skin Tint

This skin tint really is game-changing! We all know how foundation can feel heavy and certain kinds can be irritating to the skin. Once I was introduced to this Skin Tint, I never looked back! The formula really evens out my skintone and looks super natural. You can also apply it for a sheer look or buildable coverage, which I love from day to night. This tint also contains hyaluronic acid, which really plumps the skin. If you don’t know what hyaluronic is, you want to be using it!

Lustro Shimmer Oil

I love using this oil all over to fake that LA tan we all want year round. It is really subtle and makes a big difference. Anytime I’m going to the pool I put this on to have a better glow and a beautiful shimmer on my skin. I really swear this stuff is magic!


Touchup Skin Concealer Pen

This is a really great product! I use this under my eyes and it gives me that awake, fresh look. This can also be used to spot treat or use as a highlighter. I like keeping this in my purse for a light touch-up throughout the day or night.

Lip Sheer

As you can see, I really love the lipsticks. I have them in almost every color! That mixed with the gloss, I’m good to go. Typically I wear more nude colors, but it’s been fun to play around with it and do darker colors at night and corals. They go on smooth and shiny.


I Would love to know your thoughts on these products! Have you tried them? Which brand your favorite. Comment below and share them with me as I love trying new things!



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