New Year's Resolutions

17 Dec 2014

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day about New Year’s Resolutions and if we both have any.

It’s one of those interesting things that year after year we decide that January 1 we will start fresh; anew. That this is the time we will do all those things that we’ve been promising ourselves the previous year. I find New Years to be one of those funny things because it comes right after the holidays, where we over induldge and start to feel a little bad about ourselves.

What if New Years came in the middle of June? Do you think your resolutions would change? I know for myself in previous years I would go all out during the holidays, eat everything in sight, drink lots and feel pretty craptastic come January.

With all that, I began wondering what would happen if I started to set my resolutions early December instead of January. Would it make me more conscious of my behavior going into all those moments where normally it’s so easy to say ‘Screw It!’? Well, guess what…it did.


I personally don’t have any crazy big resolutions, more based on treating myself with kindness and trying to achieve more through work. However, one resolution I set was not to have that Screw It moment, which leads to prolonged bad eating, not working out, and feeling sorry for myself. I have made it a point to allow my emotions to come out and understand what has led my behavior. Like everyone else, I want to feel great, look great, and go into 2015 without having to lose weight or kill myself at the gym.

For example, there have been a few times where I have wanted to binge on chocolate or anything naughty. Because I set my resolution earlier this month, I have stopped for a moment, thought about WHY I want to binge and what emotions I am feeling at that exact moment. For the majority of the time it’s been out of boredom or loneliness. Understanding the reason behind the action has been key this month to allow me to chose another alternative. I have been allowing myself to eat dark chocolate whenever my body asks for it, make treats every weekend for the website, eat things I normally wouldn’t such as Christmas treats. By allowing myself to do this (something I have struggled with for many years), I’ve been able to control the binge tenancies and realize that certain foods don’t make me feel as good as others. By listening to the cravings, my body, and realizing my emotions, it’s led me to have one of the healthiest relationships with food I’ve had in many years… all while keeping my figure!

I explain this because I know how easy it is to get caught up with everything this time of year. The guilt of spending money when you don’t have it, not wanting to workout because it’s cold outside, feeling like you just can’t wait for the New Year. This time of year is also hard for me because I’ve been thinking about all the things I didn’t do that I wanted to this past year. I find myself getting jealous of others easier and holding a grudge against myself. I have realized that everyone has their time and place in life to accomplish what is meant, and so it’s been very interesting tying that into my emotions during the holidays. I realize that we ALL go through something this time of year and it can be hard to be appreciative of what we have, rather than bashing ourselves.

So I challenge you all to set an intention NOW. Don’t wait until January 1 to make a change. By no means do you need to go all out and change your lifestyle drastically. It’s all about making small changes that last. new-years-resolution-2014

See if you can focus on how GOOD you feel when you eat certain foods versus how bad you feel from others. Can you do the 3 bite rule (allowing yourself 3 bites of whatever food you want then putting it away)? Can you enjoy time with friends and family, realizing that many people don’t have that during this time of year? Can you make an effort to workout knowing that you will feel better not only today, but tomorrow, rather than dreading it?

I realize this is a slightly long post. I sit here in Cafe Gratitude writing this and the words started pouring out. I think it’s really important to share this because there is no need to have these crazy all-out resolutions, to which you most likely will be beating yourself up mid January when they don’t go as planned. Remember, life is about moderation. If you restrict too much (in anything) your body and mind will rebel.

BTW, here are my resolutions for 2015:

1. Begin volunteering locally in LA

2. Get my food into a cafe or Whole Foods

3. Start coaching new face girls

4. Find an office to work out of in order to cultivate new relationships

5. Spend more time focusing on my friends, calling (not just texting) and more lunch/dinners

6. More meditation and self reflection in order to appreciate myself more

With love, Nikki


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