Prepping Food For the detox

I realize that many of you have never prepped food before and it can be a daunting thing the first time around. So I wanted to show you what a bit of my food prep looks like when I do the detox.

I am also asked what tea brand should you buy and it really doesn’t matter so much. Just find one that you like! I personally love flavored ones like chai green tea, peppermint green tea, and night time calming teas.

I don’t prep my food as much as some people because you do lose nutrients as soon as you cut your fruit and vegetables, but it’s all about finding what works for you and if you need to cut all your vegetables for the week, or add all your ingredients for your breakfast in one zip lock baggie in order to effeciently use your time the next morning. I typically make all the food I will need each night prior.

Here are my top tips for food preparation prior to doing the detox:

  • Take one night prior to starting and make sure you have everything laid out that you need.
  • Cut your vegetables and place in zip lock bags or containers.
  • Portion out your almonds and place in bags as well, both for various meals and the amount for the berries and nuts if you are doing that breakfast.
  • Place all your smoothie ingredients in a bag and place in the freezer, so when you wake up in the morning all you need to do is throw the contents in the blender.
  • Carry various tea bags with you to add into your water throughout the day (it doesn’t need to be cold).
  • Remove all junk food/temptation from your kitchen during the 5 days. For me this is removing my dark chocolate, bee pollen, large bag of almonds (the original one prior to portioning them) into a high up cabinet so I’m not tempted to reach for them when hungry.

Remember that this detox should be fun, but will also be challenging. If it were easy, no one would fail. I struggle the same as you all and miss my coffee, dried fruit and other yummy things but I know the 5 days is a short period and will be worth it in the end!



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