The Ultimate Guide To Clean Eating On A Budget

01 Oct 2015
clean eating on a budget

The Ultimate Guide To Clean Eating On A Budget

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Title: The Guide To Clean Eating On A Budget
Author: Nikki Sharp
Format: Electronic Download (PDF Format)

Are you on a budget but want to eat clean and lose weight?

Clean Eating has taken the world by storm; however it is a concept that has been around for decades. We all know we need to eat less fast food, more fruits and vegetables, and locally when possible. Yet, figuring out exactly what is healthy has become much more confusing.

I wanted to write a book on clean eating for everyone on a budget because just like you, I didn’t always have money to spend on my food. I don’t like spending my whole paycheck on blueberries and kale, nor do I want to feel that I have to eat unhealthy just because it’s “cheaper.” I really want to show you how you will save money, where to spend it and WHY.

In this guide you will learn everything you need to know to Eat Clean and Stay Lean, nourishing your body with nutrient dense foods. You will also find many of my personal tips and tricks to help your bank balance stay nice and healthy.

Only $9.99!

In this ebook you will find all your resources to live a clean, green lifestyle and saving money while at it. You will get a 7 day meal plan, recipes, information on best kitchen equipment to buy, and all my tips and tricks to lose weight without spending a fortune.

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