Quick Fire Questions Part II

07 Aug 2014

Whats your favorite healthy meal and have you tried a Wiener Schnitzel (as I’m from Vienna): I have tried them, delicious! And my fav healthy meal is a simple salad that I make. I pretty much throw in anything in my fridge and I’m good to go 🙂

I have a ticker lower body and a slim upper body. I find myself doing leg day everyday. What is the best way to target cellulite around inner and back thighs: clean eating. Sugar promotes cellulite. Be sure to remove processed foods and drink lots of water. Using a body brush will also help.

What do you think about HCLF/rt4 and how do you incorporate bulletproof coffee into your meal plan: Fat is AMAZING for you! I don’t agree with any diet that says to restrict the fat you eat but tells you to eat an abundance of fruits. Fruits are great for you, but should not be the main-stay of your diet. Having high amounts of fat in your diet helps to promote a healthy brain, healthy digestive system and keeps arthritis risks low. I love bulletproof coffee and like one a day, typically in the morning as that’s the only time I drink coffee.

Do you drink dairy? What do you have when drinking coffee? I try not to drink dairy because of how processed it is. In my coffee I either do black with a few drops of liquid stevia, or I add homemade almond milk/coconut milk (store bought almond/rice/oat milks are VERY processed as well and contain chemicals and sugar so try to limit how much you have).

What to have for breakfast: oats, zoats, pancakes, eggs and veggies or green smoothies are my go-to items. Make sure you have protein and fats to keep you full all morning.

What brand of protein powder do you recommend: sun warrior & vega

Tips on meal prep with only a mini fridge: see this post

Can you lose fat on a vegan diet? Is it possible if you don’t want to consume tofu or seitan: of course. It’s all about the foods you eat, quantities and if you’re working out. I don’t recommend tofu other than 2-3x a week and I don’t personally eat seitan. Focus on REAL foods, not man-made ones.

How is your skin so awesome? Well thank you! I’ve been on roaccutane 3x, however the results never lasted… clean eating is the way to go! My skin is very sensitive and if I eat sugar it immediately breaks out. I wash my face every night and I make sure to hydrate with 2L of water/herbal teas. It’s all about your stress management as well!

What is the effect on your body if you start incorporating protein powder into your diet but don’t exercise daily or heavy lifting? I fully believe in getting protein from REAL sources, i.e. real food, not protein powder. I don’t recemmond having powders if you are not lifting often (4-5x) a week. You most likely will see bloating and weight gain if not using the correct powder and/or using it in conjunction with weight lifting (NOT cardio).

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