Breakfast Your Kids Will Love


I created this recipe to get up in time for Valentines Day, however it seemed more fitting to save it for another holiday, which is why today we are doing a #FlashbackFriday to this past Tuesday when it was National Toast Day. I know, right…National Toast Day! I’m pretty glad this is such a thing because it gives me an excuse to share some awesome recipes (albeit a few days late, but no one’s counting days right?!). So for this holiday, I figured that it was fitting to share something for all my mama’s out there who have kiddos (well, and for those of you who have those baby kiddos- called a man lol!). So without further ado, here is a breakfast your kids will love!

Since we eat with our eyes before anything else, why not dress up your toast and make it a little more appealing. I mean, not that toast really needs to be more appealing, but I just like making food look really fun! And what better way than creating a little bear/mouse/cat. LOL.


I’m asked by a lot of people if I still eat bread. So here’s the deal with bread and me:

I love sweet stuff. I’m definitely sweet over savory and so if you give me a chocolate croissant or donut I’ve pretty much died and gone to Heaven. Bread and butter isn’t my thing as muuucchhh. That being said, I’m a food opportunist and find myself loving all  types of meals, so as I type this, I realize that I actually love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, grilled cheeses, and really nice bread and balsamic. Do I eat these meals a lot? Not really. Will I say that I’ll never have them again? Hell no! Life is about balance and moderation. nikki-sharp-breakfast-for-kids

{side note: here is a picture of me making these. Normally when I’m doing recipes I’m always behind the camera so I feel a little awkward here, but I figured I’d add it just so you know I’m a real person and all haha}

So for the bread I decided to try out something new from WholeFoods and I grabbed this spinach loaf. I wish I remembered the name of it {I’ll see if I can get back there soon and update this if I do!}, but I do know it was way better than I thought. It was gluten free and tasted really nice- well, pretty much like a normal delicious bread should!


I added some peanut butter as I had it in my pantry to make my Homemade Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (you’re welcome!), so I added a thick layer on top. Then topped it with chopped banana, strawberries and blueberries. It’s all about creativity here, folks!

The face was supposed to be a bear, then I called it a mouse and then one of my lovely Instagram followers told me it looks like my cat Myka! So I guess this is just a cat/bear/mouse… you choose!

nikki-sharp-seacatNext, I took another piece and added sliced banana, a drizzle of honey, and cinnamon. This combo is pretty much the best thing since sliced bread…oh so many jokes! I’ll stop being corny.


Now why will your kids or hubby’s love this? Because it’s simple, delicious and appealing to the eyes. Is it the ‘healthiest’ breakfast option? Well, that’s debatable because we are talking about balance here. I wouldn’t give this to a little one (or big one) every day, but a few times a week- sure!

Food is not the enemy. It’s about creating balance, moderation and choosing the healthiest option when possible and giving yourself breaks to enjoy other deliciousness. I’ve made this meal way healthier by using the spinach bread, organic PB (make sure the only ingredient is peanut butter), and fresh fruit. Add a touch of cinnamon and you actually have a pretty good meal!

Hope you all love this little creation! Let me know…would your big and little kids eat this?

Lots of love,


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