Drink More Water with Detox Waters


As you all know by now, I am relentless when it comes to telling people to drink more water. The recommended amount of water to drink daily is 2-3L. But even though I say that, the question I seem to get most often in relation to water is how to go about drinking the 2-3L.  The primary issues I’ve heard with drinking enough water are: it’s boring, water bottles run out and then don’t get refilled, the tap water tastes bad, and it’s hard to know which water bottle to get to help with this.


If you find yourself running into these or similar issues with drinking enough water, know that you are not alone. Even I struggle with drinking enough water, especially when I’m super busy. That is why I created Detox Waters, which will make your water more fun and easier to drink.


So how do you make detox water? Simple! Just buy a few mason jars, slice up whatever fruits you have around the house, and fill your jars with fruit and water. You will drink more water with detox waters because they are pretty to look at, they taste delicious, and they can be refilled 2-3 times with the same fruit. Plus, they are best when they sit overnight in the fridge, so you can make all your waters the night before and have them ready to take to work the next day.


Another great aspect of these waters is that they are a conversation starter. I like to bring my large mason jar with fruit or lemon and mint around with me when I’m out, just to see how many people come up and start conversations with me. Hey, that’s even how I got talking with Jillian Michaels! You’ll be amazed at how many people want to know what you’re drinking, simply because of how many people also struggle with drinking enough water.


Finally, detox waters will also provide you with the vitamins and minerals found in fruit without the calories of eating fruit. Don’t get me wrong, fruit is an excellent snack and should be incorporated into your diet 1-2x per day, but sometimes we want the nutrients from fruit when we’re already full or when we’re watching how much we eat. The water leaches out all of the nutrients, so you are only drinking the amazing health benefits!

To learn more about my detox waters and how to make them, check out this video below that I posted to my YouTube channel recently:

I hope this helps you all drink more water! Tag me in pictures of your detox waters (@StaySharpBeStrong or @NikkiRSharp), and I’ll make sure to repost a few 🙂

xoxo Nikki

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