Best Fruit Salad Ever


So you know how there are times when you just don’t really know what you want for breakfast? Well I have the perfect solution. It just means that you need to be a bit on top of your game and have some fruit in the house, but then again, I’m always telling you all that having a fridge stocked full of fruits and veg is key to healthy living. But, even if you don’t I promise it’s worth a trip to the store to pick up some of these delicious ingredients for this super easy-to-make ‘Best Fruit Salad Ever.’

Anyhoo… I have been away from my home for quite some time (in Bali for those of you not up to date with my travels) and let me tell you, it can get tough eating in hotels and restaurants for every meal, every day, for over one month. The good news is that I have found the perfect solution whether you are at home or on the go. All you need is 1 red watermelon, 1 dragon fruit, 1 passion fruit and some coconut yogurt, or plain Greek yogurt. (I also had a yellow watermelon, as they are local in Bali, however it’s not a requirement, hehe.) Now, I realize that you won’t always be able to find dragon & passion fruit as easily, so in that case, I suggest just swapping out for your favorite fruit, or a mix of fresh and dried fruits, and adding in any nuts or seeds of your choice if your heart desires!


For this all you need to do is cut the watermelon in half and place it in the fridge overnight. This makes it far more tasty, as it’s cold, refreshing and slightly sweeter. Use a spoon to remove a portion of the center of the watermelon and mix in your chopped dragon fruit, yogurt, nuts, seeds, or anything else your heart desires.

Now eat and thank me later (especially if you’re using passion fruit!).

I understand that eating healthy can be daunting sometimes, but there really is little excuses, especially when traveling because fruit bought on the side of the road or in local markets is typically far cheaper than in our western grocery stores.

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