Making The Detox Noodle Salad


I get asked all the time on how I make all my meals on the detox (click here to learn more) because they always look so pretty. I must tell you, it really has little to do with how you cook/prepare them, rather it’s about how you plate the food. I love taking pictures of food and realized that you need daylight, 3 colors and a close up to make it look good. Anyways, I figured I would share my tips on the noodle salad because it’s one of my favorites (okay, well most of them are my favorite haha). I was going to film a video tutorial but realized after I charged my camera that I didn’t have a camera card- oops!

Step 1: Prep your veggies by peeling anything with a skin you don’t want (i.e. beetroot, carrots). I personally just wash my cucumbers and zucchini because I like how the skin looks in photos 🙂 IMG_8975

Step 2: Using your spiralizer (get one here) or vegetable peeler, begin creating the noodles. It’s pretty simple and this specific model allows you to create three types of noodles.IMG_8976

Step 3: Well, this isn’t really a step. I just love the pictures of making noodles!IMG_8977 IMG_8978

Step 4: Create your sauce in a blender, food processor or by hand. Then mix into your noodles.IMG_8979

Step 5: Place your noodles in the fridge for about 20 minutes as this lets them soften up and have a lovely soft texture.IMG_8980

Step 6: Plate with the rest of the ingredients from the detox. (I added the beetroot and carrot and beans afterwards to take a pretty picture, then mixed them all in.)IMG_8990

Happy healthy eating!



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