Watermelon Cake


Having seen many pictures online for watermelon cake, I finally decided to try it over the weekend and can I just say: it’s as good as it looks!

It’s such an easy cake to make and when you cut into it, the color is just sensational. There are different textures and tastes, so all around it’s a winner in my book.

photo 3


  • Sharp knife
  • Medium size watermelon
  • Container of full fat plain Greek yogurt
  • Pack of sliced almonds
  • Container of raspberries or blueberries


  1. Cut the bottom and top off your watermelon. This will make it so you can lay it flat without rolling around. Proceed to cut the green rind off the sides in a circular fashion. Once it’s all gone you can then cut it into a more rounded or square shape, depending on your preference.
  2. Now take the yogurt and begin to cover the watermelon on all sides. I found it was easiest to put a large blog on the top then using a spoon spread it out so it fell over the sides. Continue covering it until almost no pink shows through.
  3. Using your hands, throw the almonds at full force at the cake, hoping for the best. JUST KIDDING! There’s no real ‘perfect’ way to add them so I just began grabbing a bunch then adding them to the sides and at the base to cover any excess yogurt that fell off.
  4. Top with your fruit of choice.
  5. Cut into it and demolish the whole cake. Or take a pretty picture first and then be a nice person and share with friends 🙂

photo 4Side note, full fat Greek yogurt is the preferred choice here for two reasons. One, because it will stick on better and because removing the fat will actually mean they are adding sugar typically to replace the fat, which binds it. (PS- always choose a full fat option over low fat as companies always add something to replace the fat whether it’s chemicals, sugar, or extra gelling agents. )

If you make this cake, don’t forget to tag me on instagram #staysharpbestrong so I can see your wonderful creations!



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