08 Jul 2014

Hi Nikki,
I just first off wanted to thankyou for all the effort you put into this detox. It was packed with information, I find it’s much easier to stick to cutting out, or eating specific foods, if you know the information and reasoning behind it. Which you detox provided.

I found it to be difficult for the first two days, I am training for a half marathon, so running 4 times a week, and trying to fit in weight training around that too. I worked out three days while on your detox, so at first I was very hungry, and had a lack of concentration, since it was so different from what I was used to, a high protein diet.
I increased the quinoa servings and added more grams of the vegetables, since you said that was okay to do.

By day three, my body was not as tired, I had more energy, and I even got my interval training done without much trouble at all. I was surprised at how well I was running on this diet. I am definitely going to be incorporating some of these recipes into my every day meal plan.
Thankyou very much.

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