04 Sep 2014

Hey Nikki,
Okay so I never ever have written a review or given feedback for anything before, mainly because I’ve never been as impressed with something as I am with your detox!
This past week I decided to give my body the recharge and refuel it needs by trying out your 5 day detox. Not only was the plan super easy to follow, I didn’t find myself hungry ONCE! Now that I’m finished, I have no cravings for junk or processed foods, simply because after cutting them out I feel 1000% times better! The hardest thing for me was my nightly sweet tooth, which was tamed and basically non-existent by the end of the week.
Another notable thing I might add is dealing without coffee for a week seemed like an impossible hell but the morning lemon water really helped wake me up and green tea throughout the day kept me going.
I could go on and on about the greatness of this detox, and for only 8 bucks I don’t know why everyone doesn’t give it a try! After all I don’t think anyone would regret buying it when they realize how great it’s going to make them feel…in only 5 little baby days!
I’m going to keep incorporating the healthy habits I’ve learned from the detox and am so excited to see my results in the coming months

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