08 Jul 2014

I just want to start off by saying how HAPPY I am that I decided to go along with buying your e-book. I have tried many detoxes…mainly liquid detoxes and they never really helped me because I did feel somewhat of a starvation. With your detox, I never felt like I was not eating. Your detox reminded me how important it is to eat snacks throughout the day and not just breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I not only felt lost a few inches but more importantly… I don’t nap anymore haha. As weird as that sounds, I am the type of girl who will nap after being in class all day or wake up later when I have night class..however, I have never felt SO ENERGETIC in my life. So thank you so much, for introducing your detox into my daily lifestyle. I finished all 5 days but I am continuing it, I had some chicken today for dinner but that is because I was running around all day and only prepped one smoothie and a few snacks! I want to do this detox for 15 days. I will keep you posted. =] Namrata xx

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