#Revitalize2016 with MindBodyGreen: Get Inspired!

21 Sep 2016

I spent the weekend in Arizona with MindBodyGreen last weekend at the #revitalize2016 event. Revitalize is Mindbodygreen’s invite-only annual event bringing together wellness leaders and inspiring people who shape our world. Yes, it is as cool as it sounds. I was able to make so many great connections and learn so many new recipes. I love going to events like this because it’s typically highly curated and you get to meet so many leaders in the community, make new friends, and eat yummy food.

I was asked to create smoothie recipes for the weekend to be on display. It was an honor to be able to share my creations with everyone. Feel free to steal my recipes below. 😉


I love events like this where I can learn and interact with the best. I was fortunate enough to listen to inspiring talks by wellness leaders and experts, connect with top yogis, meditation experts, and thought leaders in wellness. Some key speakers included Frank Lipman, Adi Jaffe who spoke about tearing down labels– one of the best talks of the weekend, Amanda Chantal Bacon (Founder of Moon Juice), Natalie Egan whose talk got a standing ovation! doctors, authors, top athletes, and so many more! It was definitely an inspiring weekend.


A bunch of my friends from LA went so we got to play and just goof off at the pool, which was beyond fun! It’s always so amazing to be able to be with people you love, listen to amazing talks, eat healthy food, meditate and take time away from “life.” One thing I’ve noticed from being in the health world is that we put so  much emphasis on the here and now, and get really caught up in the stressors of everyday life. Getting away is always key to rejuvenate the mind and soul, even if it’s for two days.



The photos above are from the event which was held at the Ritz Carlton. It was really nice as well because my dad lives there and so he came and had lunch with me on the last day.

I highly recommend checking out all the videos from #revitalize2016. They are all so informative and really will change your perspective on life.

Lots of love,


PS- I’m really hoping to do a course with Mind Body Green… what would you like to see me teach?



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