Ruth's Story: Small Steps Lead to Huge Changes

12 Feb 2013

“You have to love yourself before anyone else can”
But what if you, yourself are not happy and don’t completely love who you are?

For a very long time I made myself believe that I was happy just the way I was. The truth was I really was not happy. Deep deep inside I was living a life of the famous”I wish”.

Growing up I went through a horrible acne stage that definitely hit me and my self-esteem hard.
I avoided a lot of foods to prevent from breaking out. But I was just a normal teenager. As a matter of fact my body was not too big but I was not thin either. All my friends were always jealous of my big behind. My weight was normally bigger than what I liked to weigh.

My progress!

My progress!

At the age of 15 1/2, I started to work for a fast food restaurant. Best believe that was my breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner. Although mom always had cooked something healthy at home. [By the way, my mom has always been the type of mom who does not buy soda nor chips or all that junk food. She always had our fridge full of healthy food. But of course once in a while she would buy a little snack so we could enjoy it as a family. ]

All I remember was being 120lbs when I started working and after 4 years of working there I got to 150.

I then got a full time office job.
I had to juggle the office job, school, attending a theology institute, working as a babysitter, involved in church as a Sunday school teacher and as a secretary for the youth group.
My life was extremely busy and not organized. My go to food was always greasy fast food. And I sometimes threw in the healthy food from home but never really stuck to it.

My clothes started to fit tight. I cried in the fitting room when I realized I no longer was a medium in tops, but rather a Large.
At one of our girls get together we were talking about it and came to the conclusion that maybe I had gained some weight due to the new office job, and silly me I agreed it was that.

The days went by and it was not until this past summer that I set my mind to wanting to work out and my sister took some pictures of me in my sports bra and short. -_- that was terrible! I showed them to a close friend of mine and she said “oh you look a lot better with clothes on.” Low key that broke my heart and I kept hearing that voice in my head. I knew it was time for a change!

I made some changes in my life this summer. I left my FT job, to go to school full time in the mornings and work PT. I started including daily walks to my day, which soon became jogs. I decided to take a gym class at school which allowed me to go in to the school gym during my own schedule. To be honest I was scared of being a total failure, the last time I had been physically active I was in 10th grade which was about 5 years ago.

And right when I thought I had everything in order I made a visit to the Dr.’s office and was informed I suffered from hypothyroid which basically makes me gain weight and the Dr told me that it would be hard to loose weight, due to the thyroid is what functions your metabolism. However, he was very nice and told me “it will be hard, but it’s not impossible!”

I told myself I am going to prove this hypothyroid wrong!

I started at 173 in August and am proud to say as of 01/03/12 I am 138. I went from a size 12 to 6.
My food consists of a lot of vegetables, fruits, salmon, chicken, water. I avoid the greasy foods. I started with one cheat meal a week. Now I can go by weeks without that cheat meal. What was harder for me to let go of were my all time favorite Hot Chettos (chips). A lot of people had given me the nickname of “the hot chettos girl”. The way I made it work was by having 4 or 5 whenever I craved them.  I mixed those 4-5 with vegetables and sometimes in my salads. And now it’s been about 2 months since I haven’t had a single one. I honestly don’t deprive myself from food. I eat! As a matter of fact I eat more than what I used to. I eat about 6-7 a day (healthy food of course) and my portions are small and enough for my tummy.

I do a lot of cardio. I jog/run for at least 40-45 mins 5-6 times a week,  and also have a personal trainer for 30 minutes 2 times a week. It’s hard to find people who are not in it so much for the money but to help people, and I am blessed to have found this trainer.

Through this all I have to thank my family and a few of the friends who believed in me all a long, and supported me in this change of lifestyle. Also, the clean eaters on Instagram that share their knowledge an success with all of us.

A lot of my friends ask what do I eat and do? So I created an Instagram page that I’m keeping as a journal type of thing where I share what I am learning and what has worked for me. (Follow me @ Healthyme0722)

This is by far the best stage of my life. I am still not at the finish line because I wish to lose more. I fit in to my pencil skirts that’s for sure (yiaaaay).  I feel fit, and healthy. I have a lot of energy and I feel beautiful! I loooove myself and am happy with what I’ve become. Life is starting to Make a lot more sense.

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