The Secret To Happiness

14 Oct 2014

This weekend was one of those times for me where I had too much going on, nothing planned, yet everything planned. Got no work done, one mediocre workout and ended up gorging on pizza with a friend and waking up today feeling pretty spectacularly bad. We both were a bit emotional and had some much needed girl time Sunday night, which then turned into wine time, and then pizza time. While I didn’t really want to eat any, I did to be supportive of her (haha, right?). We sat there and talked about boys, life, career and all that jazz.

So why do I tell you this? Because waking up today I realized how bad I felt not only emotionally but physically from having pizza. (I’m totally all for having things in moderation not 3 pieces in one sitting style as I think this is a healthy way to keep balance and moderation in your life.) I tell you this because it dawned upon me when I was starting my company that I realized I knew the secret to happiness.

Now I understand that sounds like a load of s….. but hear me out. You can exercise all the days in the world and not feel like you have a dream body or even feel good about yourself mentally. You can do all the meditation in the world but still have a foggy head if you haven’t cleaned up your diet. Or you can be eating really clean, obsessively so, with kale and blueberries for breakfast lunch and dinner- and still be miserable.

So what is the key? What is happiness? When I thought about it more and more the main thing that kept popping in my head was what I was putting in my body. The more junk I ate, the more my brain was foggy, I had no motivation to workout. The cleaner I ate, the more motivated I was to do many things in life. Suddenly life didn’t seem so hard.

The key to happiness is food. Now I’m all for clean eating and promoting this lifestyle, however one thing I noticed when it came to eating food was it’s not necessarily the BAD foods that ruin your diet/mentality/motivation. It’s the fact that we emotional eat the bad foods. When you look at places like France, Italy, Thailand and so many other wonderful countries… they don’t eat what we call “healthy.” They use lots of butter, olive oil, have coffee with milk, eat croissants, lots of noodles, and other amazing things. So why aren’t they fat? And why do they seem happier than the rest of us?

There is a common thread amongst all these places… you don’t need to eat good or bad. You don’t need to make eating healthy food become obsessive like so many, nor do you need to workout like a body builder to feel good. You need to enjoy what you do with others.

So why is that clean eating can make you feel better? Well, for starters, you stop putting chemicals, artificial sweeteners, hormones and other bad-for-you ingredients into your body. You then start putting natural foods that are full of antioxidants, vitamins, are protein rich, fiber heavy that begin to clear out toxins. You typically find you’re more motivated to hit the gym, go to bed earlier, which leads to more healthy eating.

Now let’s look at the other reasons clean eating is so good for you… when you eating better, you typically begin reducing the binge eating tendancies that we have with junk. Binging is typically emotion driven, we do it in secret and we don’t share our food. Therefore we are not sharing any fun experience with others. We eat to conceal emotion. When the French are having their croissants and coffee, they are doing so with others over a long period of time. There’s no chugging of cocktails, or throwing back on pastry after another. It’s about spending time with friends, family, loved ones or new people. It’s less about the food, more about the shared experience.

I would love for you to take a moment next time you want to binge. Next time you don’t want to go to dinner with friends. Or next time you are just feeling down and out. Remember that it’s our shared experiences in life. How we open up our lives with others. And how we treat ourselves, mentally, physically and emotionally. Try being grateful for where you are today, because the universe only throws you what you can handle. Remember to eat clean, but don’t become obsessive about it. It’s far better for your soul to eat clean and still enjoy treats out with others.

Tons of love,


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