Selling My Book To A Publisher!

11 Nov 2014

So it’s been a little bit since I’ve had time to update the blog. I’m sure you all understand. Life gets busy and we have priorities. This past week was dedicated to New York and with that, many other things got pushed to the side. Including my dad’s birthday, which I completely forgot about as I was making 200 superfood balls (three flavors) to take to all these meetings I had.

So why was I in NYC? Well… for this moment, until Wednesday, I won’t say. It’s a little secret that I’ve been keeping quiet for about a year now so until everything is finalized I’ve become a little superstitious about talking about it.

Instead of talking about this (don’t worry, I will share very very soon!), I will tell you about being incredibly busy, how I didn’t workout as planned, ate not as planned and why in the end…it doesn’t matter.

One thing I learned during this past week is that we can set the best intentions and at the end of the day you have to let it go when things don’t go as planned. Whether it’s for working out (I brought lots of workout gear and planned to do something each morning before my meetings; then when that didn’t happen I said I would go after the meetings- which also didn’t happen). For eating as healthy as I could to feel my best (to which I ended up binging twice in my hotel room from being so tired and such high emotions). Or from staying calm and collected at all moments (I did pretty well on this one, aside from the binging which was caused from emotion overload and amazingly enough didn’t lose it when my laundry was no where to be found the morning of my meetings).

I spent last Monday filming a YouTube video as I made one of the recipes, creating these 200 treats, packing, and then flying out on Tuesday- to which I had my carry on of all the goodies in ice coolers and praying they wouldn’t get squashed. Hotel Tuesday night assembling all the packages, sending my laundry to get pressed for the meetings and attempting to shower and blow dry my hair- which didn’t happen.

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Wednesday through Friday were a blur. I had 20 meetings in three days, something I’ve never done before. It was terrifying, exciting, nerve-racking, and just about every other emotion you could imagine. I then went to the Institue of Integrative Nutrition’s bi-yearly conference that weekend, did a meet and greet for my amazing instagram followers and tried to give myself ‘me’ time. Whew, I’m tired just from writing that.

10670124_10153524003901393_4303940561085361781_n The point of this post, as I sit on the airplane back to LA, is that I learned one very important lesson during this all. There are SO many times where we put incredible restriction on ourselves, as well as set the best intentions to workout as often as possible, make time for loved ones, and whatever else it may be. But when push comes to shove, we have to go with the flow and not beat yourself up if things don’t go your way. Am I annoyed I binged on all the chocolates in my hotel room? OF COURSE. But did I let it affect me past that moment, no. I also did not tell myself off for not working out other than one day. Because I cannot change the past. Nor can you. We can learn from our lives. Our mistakes. And from those around us.

Through all my adventures in life and the journey into healthy living, there have been soooooo many ups and downs. I still binge. I’m pretty sure we all do (although some don’t admit it). I personally find nothing wrong about talking about this subject because I think it helps when others know that no one is perfect. We can set our goals, try to achieve them but in the process allow life to be the beautiful thing that is and not create unnecessary stress.

I think the most important thing you could take from this post is to know that one, you are not alone. While you might feel that way, there is ALWAYS going to be someone you can reach out to when you need help. Two, that you shouldn’t put all the pressure in the world to do everything NOW. Losing weight takes time, finding a new job takes time, going through school…. You get my drift. We are such an instant gratification culture that we want it done here and now. But in reality things take time, and anything that you are trying to achieve will be more rewarding when you do finally hit your goal weight. Or when you start loving to exercise. Or finding a partner.

 Just remember that we are all the same. We want to be loved and feel loved. To feel healthy and be happy. To make money while doing things we love. Allow yourself to find your footing if you happen to ‘mess’ up and just try again tomorrow.


With love,


 PS- I am doing the detox starting next Monday to reset my body, mind and allow myself to get back in routine. Join me! It’s a great time to do it…leading up to the holidays because it helps to clear your mind of that ‘I’ve already messed up on my diet so I might as well make it worth it’ mentality. Of course, the detox is good to do ANY time, but I love having the support of all of you and doing it together.


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