Skinny Sip Smack Down: Juices vs. Smoothies

27 Jan 2014

Written by: Bailey Brown

Smoothies and juices are all the rage in the health food world. Both are a great way to increase your health and wellness and up your fruit and vegetable intake. But which one is better overall?


1)   Allows for faster nutrient absorption. The fiber is removed and those vitamins and minerals get right to feeding your cells.

2)   Juices Are Nutrient dense. You can fit pounds of vegetables and fruit in a glass of fresh juice. It’s much easier to drink a glass of kale juice than it is to eat a head of kale. This makes juicing very efficient.

3)  Promotes deeper cleansing. Juices have been said to aid in cleansing the liver, improving mood and vitality and having anti-aging and beautifying properties.


1)   Smoothies act as a good meal replacement. This is because you can add things like yogurt, protein and nuts to make them more filling. They also retain the fiber, making them more filling and better at stabilizing blood sugar than juices.

2)   Smoothies aid in weight-loss. Fiber is very beneficial for people who are trying to lose weight because it is filling. Fiber also helps create healthy gut bacteria that keeps digestion smooth.

3)   Smoothies are less expensive. You can make a great smoothie out of a piece or two of fruit, and a handful of greens. However, you need about 4 apples to make a decent sized juice, or a head of lettuce.

All and all both are amazing for your health, depending on what you’re looking for. Juices are amazing and when I drink them regularily my skin glows. Personally, I like smoothies better because they are more filling and make a great on the go breakfast or snack. I also just really hate cleaning out my juicer.

Which do you prefer and why? I’d love to hear your favorite juice or smoothie recipe, and I’m sure Nikki would too! Let us know on Twitter (Nikki can be found at @NikkiRSharp and myself on Instagram @bodybybailey)

Bailey Brown

bailyNatural Nutrition Student

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