How To Stay Healthy When Traveling

27 Jul 2014

It can be really hard to stay healthy, happy, and not feel too guilty while traveling. I know this feeling well as I’ve been a travel-a-holic my life and get a rush when I’m enjoying new cities. However, it can reek havoc on your normal routine and make you gain weight, acne, get bloated and just feel not so nice!

I wanted to share some of my travel tips because I’ve been on a 7 week journey through Europe over June and July and managed not to gain any weight while still enjoying all the delicacies of each place I want. IMG_6295

Below are my top 8 tips on staying healthy while you travel:

  1. Chose the foods from each place you go and enjoy in moderation. I was in Greece and they had the most amazing freshly made Greek yogurt. The real deal! Italy had Italian pizza and France with their pastries…yum! While I don’t normally eat gluten or dairy, I believe in not depriving your body when traveling. You can get back on track when you head home, but try to enjoy being in this new culture and experimenting with their local cuisines. Now this doesn’t mean you need to eat a whole pizza everyday, but sharing one from the best restaurant is key.
  2. When drinking, try to do it only during the planned meal time. By all means enjoy wine, cocktails or that local beer just try to stick with it while eating. It will enhance the flavors of the food you’re eating as well as allow you to induldge, but that means when the meal ends, so do the drinks.
  3. If you’ve over-indulged, don’t go mental trying to starve yourself the following day. Just because you overate one day, doesn’t mean that your body needs to “pay” for it the next. Having meals full of fiber, lots of green veggies, and water (especially #PimpedOutWater) will help to cleanse any salt, sugar cravings, rid your body of toxins and help get you back on track in no time.
  4. Explore the city by running or walking. One of my favorite things to do is go for a morning run in each new place. It doesn’t matter how fast I go, just that I GO! This allows me to explore the streets, see things I might not in a car or train and it gets your body moving. If you’re with people who don’t normally exercise when on vacation don’t fret. Go alone, put on some music and enjoy having some time for yourself.
  5. Try to stretch everyday. I challenged myself for 30 days to do 5 rounds of sun salutations each morning. This not only automatically made me more inclined to eat healthier, it helps to massage your inner organs promoting digestion, one of the biggest issues when traveling.
  6. Bring magnesium, chlorella and probiotic supplements with you. I never travel without these three things because they all help to add a bit of extra TLC to my body. The magnesium will help to prevent constipation, which most people deal with when traveling. The chlorella is a great way to rid your body of toxins whether from flying, the extra additives to food, and overall keeps your body feeling healthy and the probiotics are amazing to help with stress of travel on your body and keep your gut flora in tip-top shape, something important for your whole body to feel good.
  7. Do HIIT workouts. High intensity interval training means you are doing exercises that increase your heart rate quickly, meaning you burn more calories and tone quicker. I love doing HIIT workouts whenever I have 15-30 minutes free in a day. Even doing 5 minutes is better than none. I personally love doing circuits of 30 seconds, jumping jacks, squats, pushups, sit-ups, and jump rope. This will give you the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to training and keeps your muscles active while traveling (you don’t need a gym for this!)
  8. Don’t stress. One of the biggest issues people face when traveling is that they freak out about just about everything. Whether it’s how they’ll look in a swimsuit, what they’ll eat, if they’ll gain weight and the travel itself. Stress causes more weight gain than anything else because your digestion literally shuts down. Try meditation, deep breathing, yoga, walking and planning your meals to keep yourself stress-free. Even if you are over-indulging and breaking your normal eating habits/workout routine, don’t worry! You can get back on track in no time when you’re home. For me, there’s nothing worse than getting home and realizing that I was so strict about working out and eating “well” that I didn’t even experience the local cuisines.


I hope these travel tips help make your next vacation great! Don’t forget, if you are heading to a place you’ll be in a bikini, I always recommend doing my 5 Day Detox prior, to get rid of any bloating and get you ready for that bikini.

What are your travel tips? I’d love to hear them. Tweet me @nikkirsharp



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