The Risk of Being Overweight

01 Apr 2014

The risk of being overweight can cause a person to be open to a number of illnesses. It is important for people to understand the simple ideals of healthy living, which involves nutrition and exercise. However some people simply do not have exposure to what we may think is common sense. Therefore being open to illnesses such as heart conditions; being overweight cause an extra burden on the heart. Joints may deteriorate due to the excess weight, and degenerative joint disease will be accelerated. It is also a fact that people who carry excess fat are more likely to suffer attacks of gouty arthritis.  Excess weight can also make breathing more difficult, thus impairing lung function. Hyperextension is also an issue associated with being over weight, this is the hardening of the arteries, and this can also contribute to high blood pressure, which is an extremely dangerous condition that is linked to angina and sudden death from heart failure.

People who have a higher percentage of body fat, especially women can develop gallstones more often than normal. Being overweight is also associated with high levels of high cholesterol secretion in the gallbladder, which leads to the formation of cholesterol gallstones.  The risk of being overweight is also highly influential on whether a patient has diabetes, approximately 80% of diabetics are obese, this a horrifying statistic but makes if more important to help overweight people lose weight and prevent illnesses such as diabetes. Obesity adversely affects the fats cells so that they do not respond properly to insulin, and the result is elevated blood sugar, or diabetes. Many people who take medication for their diabetes could ease the illness by simply losing weight. Cancer is also a major illness associated with obesity; it has become apparent that excessive eating in itself may stimulate production of the hormone estrogen, which is implicated in the onset of cancer.

Why are some people overweight and not others?

People are sometime overweight due to a number of different reasons and everyone is unique and has their own reasons. Physical activity and exercise can be a main contributor to people being overweight, particularly with the busy schedules of many peoples lives finding the time to exercise can be difficult, therefore resulting excess weight. Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is the rate at which energy is used to keep the heart beating, lungs expanding and contracting and keeping body temperature at the correct level. People with a lower BMR are at risk of becoming overweight. Thermogenesis is the body’s ability to burn off excess calories as heat and varies from person to person and is a reason why people may become overweight. People are able to convert food into cellular energy for what is referred to as ‘burn fat’ into heat.  Some people are simply over weight because they overeat, this is usually the main cause, if you eat more calories then you burn then you are going to gain weight, therefore it is important that you are aware of what you are consuming and how it is going to affect your body.

Many people believe that their genetics are the cause for their excess weight, every heard the saying I’m just big boned?” and to some extent this is true as some people are able to gain weight quicker than others. However I believe that we must take responsibility of our lives, regardless of genetics and the environment that we live in, we must make a conscious effort to live a healthy and sustainable life and try to avoid those illnesses associated with being overweight. I am not saying that there is no excuse for being overweight because that is merely unjustified however with more information and help readily available we can combat these issues through lifestyle choices, thus preventing the problems that occur in our daily lives but also prevent extra expenditure on health care which could be utilised in education, research for uncontrollable diseases such as cancer and other areas where funding is vitally needed.

Small steps make big changes…

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