Born into Fashion

03 Dec 2014


Leotard- American Apparel     Shoes- Fendi    Lipstick- Mac, Russian Red

Fashion is one of those things that I never knew much about growing up. I was a tomboy at heart, yet still loved my glittery things like most girls; my mom actually used to *ahem, still does* call me a magpie because of my obsession with shiny/sparkly things. I went from tomboy who wore baggy pants, t-shirts and couldn’t give a damn about makeup, fashion or what my hair looked like, to girly girl who wanted her princess bed, braids in her hair and suddenly got this huuuuge obsession with shoes. I mean, really big obsession. I had 60 pairs by the time I was 15. I somehow feel that’s not normal haha. My mother also deemed me to be a mini version of Imelda Marcos, who owned more than 1,000 pairs of shoes.

Once I started following the likes of Cindy Crawford, Niki Taylor, Kate Moss (all of whom were the 90’s supermodels I looked up to around age 15), I had a desire to start modeling. Through that world and many years traveling the globe working for amazing brands, I started learning what fashion means. To be prancing around in front of a camera wearing on designer this day, another the next, you start to realize what looks good on your body, what makes you feel good and how to accentuate things you like. Fashion, I realized was what you made it. There are no right or wrong rules. There is only what you define as being in style. Fashion should make you feel good, sexy, beautiful, and give you confidence. You don’t need to spend stupid amounts of money on things, nor should you feel guilty if you don’t.


With learning all this, I began to play around with what looked good on my own body, trying to show my show off my legs, stomach, back or whatever I liked that day. When I didn’t feel confident about a certain body part, I would show off something that I was happy with. My rules of fashion were born; meaning there were no rules.

I’ve learned many things over the years. I love fashion now because it’s what I’ve made it in my own life. I still enjoy dressing up, buying good quality items and being a total girl. I’ve also realized that people judge based on the brands you wear, how you dress and what you look like. While I understand this, I think the most important thing is to feel confident in your choices.

So with my experience in the modeling world, fashion, and being a human mannequin, I am excited to share the brands I love, things I feel are worth investing in, and when I splurge vs save. I’ll be posting the outfits I wear day-to-day, items I love, and so much more, so stay tuned!

With love, N

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