Want better sex? Then you had better exercise!

21 Nov 2013

 The fitter you are the better your sex life is – FACT! It’s widely known that a healthy and more active lifestyle can lead to increased mental and physical performance. However, how true is it that exercise can improve your performance in the bedroom and build a closer relationship with your partner? This article explores the benefits of exercise on your whole life and its direct relevance to a better sexual experience.

shutterstock_129501278Stress is one of the biggest inhibitors when it comes to our sex lives. Whether its work related or family based, stress causes us to deny the importance of a healthy sex life, placing it at the bottom of the priority list. When really a healthy sex life can be a fundamental to a successful relationship. Exercising releases hormones such as endorphins into our brain. These endorphins relive stress, giving us that feeling of being on a high, increasing self-confidence and awareness. Sex hormones are then released into the blood stream, making us more inclined towards sex.

Not only does being fit enhance our libido, but also the added benefit of an improved physical appearance intensifies our self-assurance. This makes us feel more confident in our own skin and is reflected in our actions in the bedroom. As we improve our cardio-vascular system and physically strength, we will be able to enjoy longer, more intense sessions in the bedroom. This increased stamina allows us to get more creative and build a stronger and closer connection with our partners.

More stamina, higher performance, enhanced creativity and longer sessions in the bedroom, I think we had all better get in line and renew that gym membership. But these great rewards are not the only advantages of an active healthy lifestyle. Exercise can also prevent the onset of life-threatening diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes along with delaying the aging process and my most favorites of all looking fitter and stronger.

Here are 10 more reasons why you should exercise

1. Exercise promotes weight loss: it helps to control your weight by using up energy which may have been stored as fat if you had not burnt it off. It is important to create a deficit of calories to ensure active weight loss. The key is to expend more calories through exercise and physical activity than you consume through what you eat and drink to achieve your goal weight or physique. Therefore exercise can speed up this process by burning extra calories.

2. Exercise prevents osteoporosis: weight bearing exercises such as weight lifting, hiking, and walking all help to lower the chances of getting osteoporosis as we age when combined with a sufficient intake of calcium. Between the ages of 19-50 we need 1000mg and once over 50 this increases to 1200mg. Foods high in calcium include salmon, sardines, soybeans, soy milk, almonds and green vegetables.

3. Exercise lowers high blood pressure: exercise is a drug free approach to reducing blood pressure. Regular physical activity makes your heart stronger. This allows more blood to be pumped with less effort, decreasing the force on your arteries and subsequently lowering your blood pressure. Do not over exert yourself initially as it takes up to 3 months of regular exercise to notice the difference.  There is no need to spend hours in the gym, join a local yoga class once a week or start jogging 2-3 times a week. Any physical activity is beneficial, but do remember that your blood pressure will only remain lower as long as you exercise and continue to keep your heart strong.

4. Exercise prevents colds:  people who exercise more are likely to get fewer colds. As exercise helps to build a stronger immune system, warding off nasty colds and fighting bugs. Cold viruses can be passed from person to person by hand contact or by touching contaminated surfaces such as door handles, so it is always important to wash your hands properly even if you are fit as a fiddle.shutterstock_89716453

5. Exercise promotes a healthy pregnancy: there have been many medical researches, which indicate that exercising during pregnancy is perfectly safe. Nonetheless up to 75% of healthy pregnant women do not exercise due to fear and a lack of knowledge. Daily exercise is proven to help reduce fatigue and keep constipation at bay. Exercise may even decrease labor time, while also preventing complications such as pre-eclampsia. One of the most significant beneficial factors of exercise is it will help maintain a healthy weight pre and post giving birth, which can be a major issue for many women.

6. Exercise is good for your heart: coronary heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States and it’s largely preventable. Exercise is essential for a healthy body, mainly because it improves the efficiency of your heart. During exercise your heart rate is elevated and your heart adapts to cope with the physical activity and does not need to work as hard during the rest of the day. The more you exercise the stronger your heart becomes reducing your resting blood pressure and lowering heart stress. Do not worry about which activity or exercise to perform just get outside and start having fun.

7. Exercise helps prevent premature aging: magic potions or plastic surgery? Not for me! Look no further than your running shoes. Exercise is a free undervalued medicine, which can help prevent against the signs of premature aging such as wrinkles, bad joints and poor posture to name a few. Exercise triggers mitochondrial biogenesis, a decline common in aging known to reverse significant age-associated declines in mitochondrial mass, and as a result, stops aging in its tracks.

8. Exercise assists in the prevention of cancer: it is believed that 35% of all cancer deaths are due to a lack of activity or due to weight issues. Exercise is known to speed up the time food takes to travel trough the colon, thus reducing the amount of time toxins are in contact with the body. In the case of women, exercise reduces the hormone estrogen, which is linked to breast and uterine cancer. People who are over weight will tend to have higher levels of insulin, which promotes the growth of tumors. Get active and reduce your risk of these life-threatening diseases today.

9. Exercise promotes a healthy digestive system: a lack of physical activity can contribute to constipation and an unhealthy digestive system. The longer food is in the colon the longer toxins have to cause damage to your body.  Regular exercise will encourage bowel movement and activity in the digestive tract. Add lots of water, a healthy balanced diet with lots of fiber and now we are talking.

10. Exercise is good for mental wellbeing: physical activity is great for your fitness but it is also highly significant for dealing with stress, anxiety and depression. There is strong evidence suggesting that physical activity makes people feel better, through improvement in mood and positive changes in self-perception. Try slipping on your trainers, blasting your headphones and take your self for a morning run tomorrow, and I promise you will be surprised how great you feel after.

As you can see this article isn’t just about how being physically fit can improve your sexual performance but rather it’s a little glimpse into a whole wide world of wonderful benefits being active can have to our lives both mentally and physically.

Written by: Eshere Ward

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