Girls Weekend In Miami

21 Apr 2021

Hello my loves,

This past weekend I had my best friends from elementary school come visit me in Miami and boy was this an insanely fun time – a bit debaucherous if I might say so. I’ll share a bit about what we did along with recommendations as I’m always asked about what to do and where to eat while here (don’t worry though, I’ll do a proper “Miami” blog post soon). If you see something in bold, that is a recommendation of somewhere to go/see/eat.

I’ve known Ari since elementary school and Emily since high school and we’ve always called ourselves (well, we were labeled this first) as Charlie’s Angels. We all work in different fields and are all completely different personalities but it is the most amazing trio because we have grown with one another through the years.


The girls weekend begins

They both flew in Thursday and after a day of travel for Em and Ari, we chose to have a meal at home where I ordered uber eats from Real Food Cafe, along with adding some homemade things to the mix. We celebrated seeing each other with a bottle of champagne as they met my boyfriend, followed by wine and deep convo all night.

The next morning we started our day off with smoothies with frozen spinach, pineapple, chia seeds, avocado and Amazing Grass Protein Superfood powder in vanilla. This was actually our saving grace each morning as we were able to get something healthy into our bellies after a night of drinking and power up for a full day of activities. I’ve been using Amazing Grass products for years (since I actually started my health journey 9 years ago!) and cannot recommend them enough. What I love about this one is that it contains 7 alkalizing greens (helping to beat your hangover in our case!), 20g of protein + has 2 servings of fruits and veggies. While we mixed it into smoothies, you definitely can just have it with water which I normally do every day. Use code Nikki25 for 25% for your order!


After a light breakfast we headed to Soho House for some sunshine on the beach. We played in the water, had lunch then came home to get ready for dinner at my favorite spot Joia Beach Club. It’s this super cute little place that you definitely need a reservation for but totally worth it. A few cocktails later and full belly’s we came home and put on music, dancing in cozy outfits which was more fun than I am allowed to share 😉

On Saturday we decided to make brunch which consisted of the morning smoothie, croissants and a fresh baguette from a local place near me (sorry, cannot remember the name!) along with a quick trip to the store for essentials. It was a group effort with everyone helping out and we ended up with the most decadent meal that would have cost a fortune out, but instead it was all organic and homemade foods. Delicious doesn’t even describe it. With super full belly’s and a small hangover we all decided to take a little siesta before heading to the The Cat’s Meow (cat cafe) here in Miami to play with kitties you can adopt. And no, I didn’t go home with one that day.


Post kitties, we headed to the Design District which is an outdoor mall where you can visit the super fancy shops. I stopped into Christian Louboutin to get a pair of So Kate’s which I’ve wanted forever, although now that I’m home I’m debating taking them back as they are almost too tall to wear lol.

As we were driving around and deciding what to do we had a GREAT idea – what about a cabaret show. Enter: Faena Theater. We chose to surprise my boyfriend, not telling him where we were going, only that he needed to be ready by 6.45pm. The show was AMAZING and I highly, highly recommend it if you’re in town. They actually pulled me up on stage where normally I don’t get stage fright (ever), but this was different as it wasn’t me speaking, only answering a very personal question. I’ll leave it to you to go to the show and find out what it was 🙂


After dinner we headed to Faena’s bar called Los Fuegos, another place you must visit if here. There was a live performance with a guy who looked and sounded like Michael Buble and with an entirely full bar + restaurant it was a VIBE. Ari is an incredible dancer and while I’m not the best I just have fun doing it, so we went to where we was performing in the front of the room and danced, pretty much putting on a show for everyone. It was funny because from the cabaret performance to dancing it looked like our group was hired by the hotel because we were cheering, engaging and making everyone else have a good time.

On Sunday we lounged around, once again having our smoothies and lounging around then getting ready for South Beach and South Pointe. There is a beautiful park prior to getting to the beach that I highly recommend walking through, then of course people watching at the famous beach. We sat with a bottle of rose wine catching up on stories, playing in the waves and just enjoying girl time.


That night we met back up with my boyfriend and headed to Shido Miami, the vegan sushi place I’m always sharing on stories. They got to have the “Nikki Experience” which sadly for the moment is only available if you go with me; but if you are interested you can DM me on instagram and I can set it up for you. Chef Manuel is incredibly talented and always tests out new vegan recipes when I come; divinely doesn’t even cut it.


Sadly they both had to leave on Monday but suffice to say this was one hell of a girls weekend.

There was far more drinking than any of us thought would happen, but then again, after being locked away at home without travel (for them more so) and not seeing friends, this kind of seems natural. The main thing was we balanced our fun nights out with lots of sleep, even more water, sunshine, sunscreen, great food, deep conversations and really nourishing girl time.

I don’t share a lot of my personal life but I wanted to give you an inside look into this weekend because of all the fun places we went and because I just had too much fun not to! I do hope you enjoyed reading this and seeing all the fun photos!


I’d love to know – where is the first place you want to travel once you’re able to travel without restrictions?

Tons of love,




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