What Motivates YOU?

18 Aug 2014

Motivation is a funny thing. When we have it, we feel in control, able to achieve anything and that life is good. When we lose it, it seems like we will never get it back.

I’ve now been traveling for nearly 3 months. In this time I’ve had so many ideas on blog posts, videos, and recipes I’d like to create. Yet when it comes time to sit down and do any of them, my mind goes blank. You would think taking so much time off gives you a new found sense of freedom. Freedom to relax, rejuvenate and get creative. I’ve also found that while I’m eating healthy most of the time, I’m not exercising like I normally do, which then makes me lose even more motivation to lead the healthy life I love.

So why is that we lose motivation?

I know for myself, the more days in a row I eat healthy and workout, the more I enjoy it and can say no to bad foods. I also know that when I eat badly even for a day, the next day it’s so hard mentally to get back into feeling and acting healthy.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my travels and feel a sense of peace. I am happier than when I left. I am a wiser person having been around so many cultures and I am brimming with ideas. So why can’t I get them out of my mind and onto paper then?

I wonder if it’s because of technology. I’m always trying to take photos to post on my Instagram account, always checking emails (even though I’m not responding every day) and for some reason checking Facebook more than before.

Is it that we are unable to fully stop and enjoy the moment when we are constantly connected? My friend Joshua told me an interesting thing when writing a book, which is to write for one hour each day on a topic of your outline. After one hour, stop and be done. But for that 60 minutes make it uninterrupted. No phones, no Instagram, no emails, only writing.

I find I don’t have the ‘time’ even though I am on holiday with ample time. So with that I challenge you all (and myself) to stop for 20 minutes everyday, for 5 days. Put ALL technology away and do something that you have been meaning to do. Whether it’s writing, reading, creating a new website post or even just meditating.

I’d love to know your comments about motivation and what you would do for 20 minutes for those 5 days. Write me on Facebook or Twitter.



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