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20 Feb 2013

January and February have been absolutely crazy months and I have never been so busy! But it has all been such amazing things relating to my company and I am thrilled to finally share some of the updates with you all. (I also apologize for the lack of posts on my site; I have been trying to maintain many things at once and sadly cannot keep up with them all but soon I will begin to post all the fabulous things that have been backlogged.)

1. Challenges

February and March are the time for challenges to keep my followers active, healthy and for to give some fun incentives. I am currently running four different ones that are currently going or starting in the next few days. If you are on Instagram follow me and participate in any of them

clean 3 challengeI have partnered up with two of my favorite accounts on Instagram to create a creative and fun challenge based around clean eating. For this we are starting the beginning of March and the rules will be that you have to use 3 ingredients: spinach, berries, and nuts to create a dessert or snack. The winners will be chosen based off creativity and originality. I cannot wait to see what people come up with for this as I am always amazed at the amazing things posted on IG.



happiness challengeI have created a competition that runs from Feb. 20- 28 and is focusing on happiness. I have asked my followers to post pictures of what happiness means to them. This can be anything from your friends, family, pets, going for a run, cooking, reading a book, etc. It is another fun photo challenge to get people to appreciate what they have and share with others the simple ways to become happier. The winners for this challenge will be featured on my profile as well as London based winners (2) will receive a private yoga class from my personal yoga instructor, Margaret Dane from SAY Yoga.

detox challengeAfter doing my detox twice already and feeling absolutely amazing each time, I have decided to do it again prior to going on vacation. To challenge my followers, I have announced it on IG that I am doing this for 8 days (March 1-8) instead of just 5 (and yes, it is totally safe and perfect to do for more than 5 days). When you do something like this together, it is easier to stay accountable and I am really excited that so many people are wanting to take this health challenge with me! The rules are pretty simple for this one… you just need to have purchased the detox and be ready to start on March 1 with me.

detox giveawayEvery few weeks I do a detox giveaway on my IG account because I know there are a lot of people out there that cannot afford to purchase it. Every time that I do this challenge I am absolutely astounded with the response of how many people repost this photo to get it and all the comments they say. I always ask everyone to say why they want it and it blows me away the comments that are left from everyone. I cannot even believe that so many want to try this and are so honest about why. It makes me feel so honored that I can help everyone start to live a healthier and happier life!

2. Detox Follow-Up

With the response to the detox I created, so many people have been begging me do a 5-day-meal-plan as well as a workout plan. So that is exactly what I am doing. It will have tons of information just as the detox did as to why you are eating certain foods as well as explaining how to reincorporate animal products and dairy into your diet without gaining any weight back. There will be different levels for the workout plan as well and I am really, really excited to get this out for everyone. My goal is to have it finished in the next two weeks prior to my holidays.

3. Partnerships

I am starting some absolutely amazing partnerships with various health, fitness, food, and fashion companies. These are all to benefit my followers and get everyone active and eating well. I will be posting challenges for the next few months with specific prizes from these companies to give away. I already did my first giveaway which was a $50 gift certificate to Victorias Secret. The winner was an amazing girl who lost over 100 pounds and has shown people that change really is possible!

4. My Personal Journey

I have now been accepted into the Sweat Pink Ambassador program which is an honor. “Do you have a passion for inspiring others on their journeys to health? Do you believe that strong is the new skinny, pink is the new black, and that a positive attitude and whole foods are a healthier route to happiness than self-loathing and 100-calorie snack packs?” This is taken from their website, which is everything I stand for in a nutshell. I cannot wait to share my passion and journey with other ambassadors and continue to inspire others! I have also joined TribeSports, which is a very cool website that gets you active, eating well, and allows you to take so many various challenges. You can see my profile here and maybe even join yourself.

5. My First Recipe Book

I created my first eBook (which can be seen here) as a tester to see how it went and if people liked the recipes. I decided to do it just in time for Valentines Day to give everyone healthy alternatives to your typical sweet treats all without the guilt. I am excited to create the next one but have yet to decide if I will do it in the same format or just wait to create one large eBook with more recipes.

6 . New Company Name

After some changes with my company name, I am debating on changing the name to my Instagram account name: SkinnyMiniMe. This would take effect instead of Stay Sharp & Be Strong (which I do love, however there are a few reasons for changing it). I personally very much like the SkinnyMiniMe name and think that it is a great name to continue with, saying “Nikki is skinnyminime, who presents….” etc etc. But I have had some interesting feedback on this and I would love to know more feedback. Please comment below on your thoughts!

Other than that, I am excited for the coming months to share even more with everyone. And as always, thank you so much for the continued support for my company; I cannot even believe the reception I have had!


3 Responses

  1. I don’t thing Skinniminime is a good choice for your company name, It emphasizes the unhealthy focus on thin and dieting as opposed to the strong focus on health on personal empowerment. Something like strongandsharp.com (which is available) is a better emphasis/feel and still works in a catch phrase like” Nikki of StrongAndSharp recommends…..”.


  2. Shivi says:

    When I first read your name on IG I assumed your account was a proana one actually. Change you IG name to ‘staysharpbestrong’


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