When Nothing Goes Right, Go Left

27 Sep 2014

The past month has been pretty intense. I’ve moved back to my old turf (good ol’ U S of A), moved house, trying to a lease car and still in the process of buying furniture, health insurance, car insurance, trying to see friends, dealing with a “breakup” of two best friends, do meditation, have the motivation to work out and of course run my company.

Everyday life things. We all go through them and I’m no different than the rest of you. I don’t have some fabulous interior decorator coming in, I have to watch what I spend and I have to find motivation to eat healthy and workout. It’s been really interesting coming back to the states because living in London I had free health care. I didn’t need a car. And every place I stayed was furnished. Suddenly it’s like becoming a grown up in a few short weeks. I guess I didn’t realize how much you have to be strong when so many things get turned upside down. One of my favorite quotes I recently posted was “You never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have.” This resonates so much with me because it’s so true- we never think we can get through all the turbulent times, until we are faced with them and the only two options are sink or swim.

bob-marley-you-never-know-how-strong-you-are-till-being-strong-is-the-only-choice-you-have Anyways, it’s been tough to say the least. I’ve hit my breaking point a few times. I am not eating consistently and working out often. I want to feel good, energetic and sleep better. I know that I just need to get on a routine and things will ease up. It’s also strange giving advice to people to eat 4-5x a day and I find I’m eating once a day, at erratic times and all because of stress. (I do always say though, you need to nourish your body, however emotional eating when stressed is not a good thing as your digestion shuts down. There’s a difference between eating for nourishment and eating to suppress emotions.)

The most interesting part of the past few weeks is realizing that at the end of the day, I can either be my own worst enemy or create the success I need. I am in control of what I eat, if I exercise and what I think. I had a small ‘aha’ moment two days ago, realizing that I have a few big projects coming up and I need to stop making excuses to myself. I need to look good but more importantly FEEL good for these meetings that have the power to change my life.


I sit here on a Saturday morning drinking my coffee with SeaCat asleep on my lap, writing this to you wonderful readers to let you know that first off you’re not alone. I know so often we all struggle and feel that the world is collapsing on us. It’s tough for sure, but what I find is more tough is when you feel like you’re the only one going through it and don’t have support from others. I think the hardest thing for myself has been feeling a lack of support from my friends. I’m sure you’ve been there in regards to friends, family or with your lovers.

There’s no real point to this post other than give you a bit of inside detail into my life. Many people think I lead this ‘perfect’ life and I love sharing things with everyone to show that at the end of the day we are all human J any which way you look at it, things go up and down, life changes, seasons change, we change. Problems get worse then better. We find new friends, loved ones, and we personally find ourselves. Life is beautiful in that nothing is permanent and we always have a choice on what we do, how we feel, and how we treat ourselves and others.

Lots of love,

Nikki & SeaCat


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