Why Is Lifestyle So Isolating?

03 Jun 2013

Do you find you healthy lifestyle isolating? If so, you’re not alone.

This is a question I have been asked by many, myself included. While on a walk today with a friend, we began discussing why it is that wanting to be fit and healthy can make you lose the friends you’ve known your whole life and why people you meet think you are crazy for not wanting to go out and party every night?

new years_0046I grew up in the same way that many do: waiting the whole week just to party on the weekends. Being hungover and eating burgers, burritos, and pizza. Exercising the bare minimum thinking I would get fit by doing so. My friends were close, we went out each weekend like it was our last, and would reminisce over the previous nights’ shenanigans while at breakfast the following day. I had a little wolf pack and I loved it.

Cut to a few years later: I do still drink but not often. I have no desire to be hungover each weekend and would rather enjoy yoga in the park or creating a new recipe. I am proud of my body, the way I look and feel and love feeling healthy and vibrant.

So what’s the problem? My close circle of friends has greatly gone down. It seems as though people don’t want to hang out with the person who has no desire to party every night, going out at 11pm and coming home at 3am. For some reason this lifestyle can be very isolating and I just can’t seem to figure out why it’s acceptable to be hungover at work, but not drink a green smoothie.

It seems as though our priorities are have been mixed up. Since when do people want to feel like crap everyday over feeling happy and healthy? Wouldn’t you rather feel proud of your body instead of  hiding it behind baggy sweaters?

IMG_7872 IMG_8039

I guess I just write this post to let myself know that hopefully I’m not alone in this, even though many times it feels that way. I empathize with many of you and the comments I receive that your friends and family no longer want to be part of your life. I hope that we can all create this amazing community in each city we live in, bond together through social media, and hopefully change the minds of others.



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