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20 Jul 2018

Sun, sand, playing on the beach… oh and doing yoga and cooking with me. What could sound better? If you’ve been in need of a holiday then I have an INCREDIBLE opportunity for you! You can win an all-inclusive FREE trip to Mexico to stay at Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit September 6-9th, 2018.

Come for free by entering here

When you think about Mexico, what comes to mind?

For me… it’s relaxing while watching the sunset, having a cocktail, and swimming in the ocean. Having freshly made dinner while listening to great live music and then heading back to your room where you swan dive into the sort of bed only a luxury hotel can offer.

Now, add on healthy juices, workouts on the beach, learning yoga and vegan cooking from yours truly, and some incredible sessions with healers from all over America.


Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit. Mexico.

All for free.

If you haven’t read about the Wellness Getaway this upcoming September, then click HERE to get all the juicy details. What’s even better is that they are offering a totally free stay for one lucky guest (+1) to experience everything from cacao ceremonies, to sound healings, to acro yoga, to HIIT training on the beach. All you do is enter your email and the hotel will randomly be choosing one winner to have the escape of a lifetime.

Join me for free!

ENTER HERE. The contest goes until August 12 and no other information is needed but your name and email. I truly cannot wait to spend time with you in Mexico where we will ride horses into the sunset and sip on cocktails, juices, do yoga together and just enjoy life! (Okay…all except the horses… although I’m sure we could figure this out too!)

Leave a comment below if you have questions or send me an email nikki@localhost if you’d like to book it!




PS- If you don’t believe you can still drink alcohol and be healthy, listen to my latest podcast of #ADULTING where Zack Peter and I break down why it’s OKAY to drink alcohol even if you’re on the healthy bandwagon. We give our tips, tricks, and hangover cures. And, stay tuned as we’re launching a Drinking Guide in a few days with even more #boozehacks.


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  1. Vuvu says:

    Thanks for this golden opportunity.

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