Yoga Teacher Training: Week 1 Recap

09 Apr 2015


We have finished our first week and are into the second. So far it’s been a mix of every emotion that I could experience; yet this journey so far has been incredibly beautiful. I’m surrounded with people from all walks of life, all levels of yoga, and it has been nothing short of inspiring. I feel blessed nearly every moment of the day that I actually got myself to come here and really begin to experience life in a whole new way. There’s something incredibly magical when you have chosen to do something that scares you beyond belief and in the midst of it, you come to realize that everyone else is just as scared as you, yet collectively you all the see beauty in change. The other girls, and one awesome guy, have made our group beyond amazing and I really do feel blessed that we all get along. It’s very rare to meet 18 other individuals and genuinely like every one of them; I think it’s because we are all here on our own journey and ready to encounter anything that comes up. Some of the wonderful characters we have: a lovely girl who works in the police department in London, has done drug busts and so much more. Her stories are beyond wicked amazing! Jade, who is from Perth, is an interior decorator and has a voice to die for! Bobby, the only boy on our trip, has just graduated university and has taken a year to go travel. He is pretty anti-phone/internet and so he’s a riot to talk to as he’s always making songs up with the local guitar and sharing beyond funny stories of his world wide travels. One thing I’ve learned so far from this group is that we are all SO different and it’s very easy judge others based on our first impressions, yet once we get to  know others, they become fun, interesting and have so much to teach you if you’re willing to be a student.


There has been so much change in myself from just one week that it’s hard to keep track of. There have been moments that happen that I think ‘Oh my gosh! I must write this down as soon as I’m back to my room,’ because I want to share everything that happens with you all. I find that I end up not writing as much though because sometimes it seems too beautifully strange to share.  I feel silly saying this, because I realize that I’ve only been away on this journey for one week and when I think to the outside world (which seems so far away now!), I would probably look in on myself and say “but you’ve only been there one week, that’s no time at all!” I believe that’s the beauty in life though, in one week, a few days, or even just a moment everything can change and we can grow immensely in that time. I didn’t realize that time could go by so quickly, yet so incredibly slowly. Each moment here I am finding that I am grateful, scared, happy, upset, tired, energetic, want to leave, yet never want to go. This has been testing me because we are learning for so many hours throughout the day, practicing yoga for hours, and mentally and physically it tests you. At the same time, I don’t ever want these moments to end because I love the group I’m with, I adore our teachers, and I am learning more about myself than I ever expected to in this one week. I can only imagine what will happen for the next two.


One thing that has struck me while being here is my desire and passion to go further with the work that I do. Like most, I have had ups and downs, not always believing in myself, or that I was doing the right thing. I have gone from a career of modeling to one of helping others by sharing my health knowledge, something that I’ve found to be one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done in life. The reason my passion has been rekindled while being is because I’ve been able to give my advice to various girls during this week relating to all things health, fitness and food. I didn’t come here expecting that anyone would ask for my advice, yet when I’ve been able to help many of the girls combat constipation (trust me gals, this is a big issue when you travel lots- as I’m sure you all know!), on what foods to eat to reduce bloating, how to have more energy throughout the day and many other things, I have found it makes be beyond happy. I love to help others in any way that I can and especially when it comes to my career. It makes me so excited to see what may come in the future and the ideas I will have and be able to share with the world.


The next post will be more of a day-to-day one from our day off. I have chosen to do a mix of my personal thoughts and what we actually do during the three weeks, to give you all a good idea of what Gili Meno is like, this yoga teacher training, and if it will be worth it for you one day.

With Love, Nikki

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  1. Stefani says:

    Hi Niki!

    You DO help others and I think you are such an amazing, kind hearted person to share what you know and make such a difference in other girls lives. I know you’re health knowledge has helped and inspired me!
    I was hoping you would share the tips on relieving constipation and bloating while increasing energy levels?
    Thanks so much! I’m so so jealous of your teacher training in Bali !!!


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