Your Best Health Tips from 2015

14 Feb 2016

Last week, I sent out a newsletter asking what your best health tips are and I got a TON of responses. You guys seriously have such great health advice and tips, I’m so excited to share with you all. Below are a compilation of your best health tips from 2015.

Embrace at least 10 minutes of “me time” every day. -Liz

Try going vegan one day a week. Focus on eating mainly fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and whole grains. Start your day with a green smoothie. And most of all, LOVE YOUR BODY!@the_dank_dietitian

Follow the mantra “if you wouldn’t eat an apple, you’re not actually hungry” to decide whether your desire to munch is coming from hunger or boredom. @committofitkelsey

Use small plates and containers to portion food. Spend time with positive people. Negative emotions and negative behavior can cause stress and high blood pressure. -My mom 🙂

Eat spaghetti squash when you’re craving carbs (and check out this super easy recipe!) -AchievingFit 

Get moving first thing in the morning and add a pinch of sea salt to your water after you work out to replenish your electrolytes. -Sasha

Spend 5 to 10 minutes at the beginning or end of everyday to think about what you are grateful for and what you want out of life. Challenge yourself, move and drink a lot of water. -HealthCoachPhilly 

Thank you for all your great tips! If I mentioned your tip and you want me to link to your IG, shoot me an email 🙂

Now my next question for you all… what do you want to see from me this year? I am planning my year out now and would love all of your questions, requests and ideas so that I can truly cater my blog to you!

xoxo Nikki

P.S. Tweet your favorite tip below!

Tweet: In 2016, I will embrace at least 10 minutes of screen-free “me” time every day for my health @NikkiRSharp
Tweet: “If you wouldn’t eat an apple, you’re not actually hungry” #2016resolution @NikkiRSharp

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