Your Questions Answered

I posted a picture on Instagram asking you what you wanted me to answer, so the following is part 1 of my answers.

  • How did your IG become so popular? Funny enough I’m not sure. I started it as my own personal secret account where I could track my progress and I guess I just posted things that motivated people along the way.
  • Do you eat chocolate, pie, or junk food? Do you miss it? I rarely eat anything pre-packaged or a dessert not made by myself. If I have a craving for junk I’m all for creating a healthy alternative to that (chocolate fudge anyone?!). I also know how absolutely bad my body feels when I eat junk food so that motivates me to stay away from it.
  • How much do you workout in a typical week? It ranges but I like to get 4 days in, whether it’s a bit of cardio, weights, or yoga. I believe in moving our bodies everyday and I understand when you’re busy it’s hard. I’m guilty of being too tired to hit the gym or going for a run outside even though I know it would be good for me.
  • How to get rid of my belly pouch/get a flat stomach? Two things for this: very clean diet, which means removing sugar, processed foods (think anything white) or anything packaged. Going to earth based foods, lean turkeys, salmon etc. Cutting out alcohol. The second is working out. You need to be doing cardio to be calorie deficient in order to lose weight, but you also need to tone and tighten your core, which you can do with pilates, yoga, pushups, situps, using kettlebells, burpees (especially burpees!)
  • How do you control the urge to binge on junk food? By having healthy foods in my house at all times! This is an absolute must. I love grapes, mango, watermelon, raw almonds. Also by realizing WHY you want to binge. Are you hungry? If so eat an apple. Are you bored? You need to leave your surroundings. Are you emotional? Try doing something nice for yourself instead like a bath, painting your nails, working out, or calling a friend.
  • What protein powder do you recommend? Sunwarrior vegan protein powder is my favorite. It’s a bit grainy unfortunately, but I do not recommend casein or whey. Another good alternative is hemp protein powder.
  • How to eat healthy when you are out to dinner? Begin by picking something on the menu that is not loaded with sauces. I also lean towards white fishes, salmon, or steamed chicken. Then always ask for a side of steamed vegetables on the side. If you are at a sushi restaurant ask for brown rice and always ask for the half the rice. Just ask, most restaurants are pretty accommodating.
  • How to get long, lean legs? I swear by yoga, doing HIIT cardio, lifting weights and tons of lunges and squats. Don’t worry about becoming bulky, focus on getting some muscle on your legs which will make your body fat decrease.
  • What should each meal consist of? What nutrients and how much? I don’t have a specific formula besides making sure I eat green foods with every meal. Remember that your stomach is only the size of one of your hands cupped, so showing a restaurant sized portion will stretch it out. I love to nibble all day long and always make it a point to have a nutrient dense breakfast with chia seeds, oats, berries, and almonds, or a green smoothie and lunch of lentils, various veggies and some form of vegetarian protein like lentils, black beans, chick peas, or quinoa.

Part two will be posted in a few days….



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