Your Questions Answered

29 Apr 2013

Everyday I am asked so many questions on my Instagram account regarding health and fitness. So I decided to finally do a Q & A giving you all the tips and tricks that I follow. I’ve broken it down into two parts.

Part one I will answer:

1. What motivates you & what made you want to lead a healthy lifestyle?

2. What do I do after the 5 day detox? (which you can learn more about here)

3. What times do you eat? Do you eat at night?

4. Do you do fasted cardio?

5. What kind of exercises do you do?

6. How do you know your ideal weight & how many calories should I be eating?

7. What should you eat when you go out to restaurants?

8. Why doesn’t a vegan diet fill me up?

Part II will air in a week.


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