The #1 Reason You Aren’t Seeing Results

21 Apr 2016

Seeing amazing before and after photos is always incredibly rewarding. But what about when that just isn’t happening for you? Have you ever felt like you’re doing everything right and not seeing results? You’re eating healthy meals and exercising but you’re frustrated because you haven’t got that body of your dreams yet. There can be many factors but, if you’re anything like me, there is one main reason you aren’t seeing the results you want.

Don’t we all wish we could just snap our fingers and get whatever we wanted! I know there are days when I feel that way. But the truth of the matter is: there is a culprit for your lack of results. A few healthy salads and crunches here and there aren’t going to give you those six pack abs, now are they? Consistency is key my friends. Lack of consistency is THE #1 reason you aren’t seeing the results you want.


Keeping consistent will help you cultivate life-long habits that stick and help you to see the progress you are dying to see. Focus on the small choices each and every day, as those are the ones that will add up to becoming the big changes that you want to see in life. If you only exercise ever so often and eat healthy occasionally, don’t be naïve enough to think that’s going to give you a rockin’ bod. Unless you are one of those people who were born to effortlessly look like a fitness model, you are going to have to put in consistent effort to see a serious change. {Side note, even models have to work pretty hard to maintain a good body! So really, no one gets off Scott free!}

NIKKI SHARP_POINT DUME_04-20-16-5I am asked all the time why people don’t see results even though they are eating well and exercising. And even for myself, I sometimes wonder why I don’t have the tone in my arms that I’m hoping for, or a little more definition in my booty. The pure and simple reason falls into that we haven’t been doing that certain thing for long enough. We all want immediate results and I’m here to say that the only way you will see results you want whether it’s weight loss, weight gain, increased strength, or better health is to continue with the healthy habits that you know will get you there.

Hope this helps get your motivation up a little bit as I know you all can do it! You are only one more workout away from feeling great and one healthy meal from getting on track with consistency.

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  1. Hailey says:

    I’ve been working out 4-6 times a week and eating healthier since the start of the new year and have not seen any change in my body. I have not lost any weight, gone down in clothes sizes, or noticed any visual differences. I’m weight lifting, doing cardio, cutting out most sweets, stopped eating out more than a couple times a month, cut out alcohol for the most part (occasionally have a glass of wine), stopped adding salt to my food…. And I’m just super frustrated. Four months and the only thing I can really say that has changed is that I do feel slightly more energized and don’t detest working out anymore.

    • nikki sharp says:

      Hi Hailey, are you taking progress photos? I really believe that you have had changes in your body, even if you don’t think you see them. Remember, change takes time. You are pushing yourself too hard if you are burning out. Take it easy and try to see the positive things of why you are doing it. Stress will make you NOT see results x

  2. Rashmi says:

    Hailey, have been there done that. This is what I have learned in my journey –
    – How much weight do you to lose – if you have like 50 pounds to lose, the initial loss will be fast, it is the last 10 pounds which the body will literally ‘fight’ you to keep it. The strategy which works here is becoming your body’s friend, giving her assurance that it doesn’t need to store fat by feeding it with good real food. Nikki’s plan has amazing guideline to it
    – You have no idea how big a thing ‘increase in energy’ is; it means that some change at the cellular level is happening. Celebrate that with a glass of green smoothie.
    – Manage your stress – I used to workout, yet had so many emotional issues. Meditation and yoga did wonders for me
    – It takes time and patience – it took me nine months to create and deliver a baby, 1 year of mindless eating to gain 20 pounds. I gave myself 2 years ‘at least’ to lose that weight.
    – Its a journey – As cliched as it may sound, it is a journey. Priority of this journey will change with age, but its a myth that you will reach a particular size and weight and will live happily ever after. And thankfully it is a journey!!
    – MyFitnessPal – food journal is life changing, even the left over 2 spoon of pasta from your kids plate(if you are a mum) or that couple of almonds that you picked up when your colleague offered you. Write every morsel that goes in your mouth, sounds obsessive but it has helped me in my journey
    – Help someone – I am sure there is someone who is looking to be healthier, include them in your journey. it will inspire other people and make you accountable

    All the best, i sincerely hope that you wont give up and continue to get healthier.

  3. So true! It seems like it takes sometimes YEARS to see changes even small ones. It takes time but I think we all think it will happen over night!

  4. Paola says:

    Nikki you are right! Its not a get results quick like everybody wishes. It takes motivation, consistency, and a whole lot of loving yourself to make those changes in your lifestyle! Great advice!

    • nikki sharp says:

      Exactly! Have you seen the Mother F*cking Summer Body challenge?

    • Keesha says:

      SÃ¥ enig, eg har den filosofien eg og! Hadde eg latt peeoskrjfnisten i meg spira sÃ¥ kunne eg gitt opp alle kreative prosjekter me ein gang! Kommoden blei jo kjempefin og praktisk! Og sÃ¥ e det sÃ¥ deilig Ã¥ kunna kryssa av noe pÃ¥ "to do"- listÃ¥ 🙂

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