21 Day Challenge Final Review

24 Nov 2014

So it’s been a few weeks since I started the 21 Day Challenge and haven’t yet written about it. I completely meant to do a video on the ending of it, however with all the travel to NYC for my meetings, I purely ran out of time and mental capacity. Annnyyyways…

 The basics of the 21 Day Challenge were:

  1. Incorporate one thing you would like to be doing for the challenge. This could be anything from getting up earlier everyday, going to bed earlier, doing meditation each day, or drinking 2L of water.
  2. Removing one thing for the challenge. The examples were doing things such as cutting out coffee, cigarettes, dairy, no binging, sugar, or anything else you wanted to do.
  3. Try one new thing each week for the three week period. I wanted you to do something you’ve been meaning to do such as try a new fitness class, see a friend you’ve been meaning to, or anything else.

I received comments from many of you of how much this challenged helped to get you back on track, feeling healthy, happier as well as many who continued and started fresh with another 21 days.

Since I love sharing my own progress with everyone here is how it went for me and what my personal goals were:

  1. Move my body for 30 minutes everyday. This didn’t need to be crazy exercise, it could be something like going for a walk, walking on the beach, doing yoga, running, hiking, anything. This was to just get my body moving and not let excuses happen saying I was ‘too busy’ or anything.
  2. No more emotional eating. For me, this is a big one because I tend to get overly stressed and turn to food to comfort me. It’s always an interesting thing being a health guru because people assume I will perfect in every way, and this my friends, is just one simple thing that I’m the same as most. Food can be comforting and when I do the whole emotional eating, it’s not healthy food.
  3. My three things I would do was a long hike, silks class, and Soul Cycle. All three are things I’ve been meaning to do and have yet to try since getting to LA.

 So…how did it go for me?

 Well, overall pretty well. I did move my body quite often, however I came down with a nasty cold and just couldn’t muster the energy to get out of bed a few of the days. This kind of threw me off all around (including the food I ate, however I wasn’t necessarily binging, just not eating as healthy as I would have liked). The emotional eating went pretty well, except for the fact that there were a few days were I had more than one Quest bar in one sitting (these things are kind of a healthier version of a candy bar, but still contain dairy and are full of chemicals. I still think they are delicious though!). There was also one night towards the end that I didn’t eat too great. When I tend to binge I go for high fat, high sugar foods and chocolate becomes my best friend. While I wasn’t perfect during the 21 days, it was pretty cool to have a goal and really try very hard to not do it. Overall, I’m happy with how I did on this part of it. With the adding new things, I managed to do Soul Cycle and fell in love with it. Since then I’ve done it a few more times and have really enjoyed finding something new that kicks my butt. One Sunday during the challenge I found an awesome hike I wanted to do, drove to Malibu and tried to find the starting point. Because many hikes aren’t always marked clearly and the less popular ones don’t have other people around I ended up getting lost. I drove for 1.5 hours and at that point I said I would do it the following week. (The next weekend I was so busy preparing for my NYC trip that I didn’t have the time to get out which I was pretty bummed about.) I also never made it to the silks class, which was also a bummer. I’m not sure why I didn’t do this, because I definitely had the time.

Overall, things went really well. I realize I wasn’t perfect on this challenge, however even just trying a few new things and challenging myself was a great way to get my mind thinking of new things to do exercise wise, how to keep myself from emotional eating and to get my mind to stop making excuses about going for walks.

I would love to know what you all thought of the challenge if you participated. Also, please let me know if you’d like me to host another challenge like this. Please write to me on my Facebook Page and let me know!



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