3 Things I Do Every Morning

14 Apr 2020

Happy…. DAY my loves!

I laugh as I type that because I saw a funny meme that had all the days of the week and the first part of each one was crossed off and all that was left was “day.” I don’t know about you, but the longer we are sitting at home, the more the days of the week are all blending together.

This is a strange period of time for us all. Something that came up for me yesterday was this thought that I was almost mad at myself that I was not feeling good about being home. Like, how can I complain or be frustrated when I’m being asked (okay required) to stay at home, cook my own meals, connect with friends virtually, which ironically I’m talking to friends and family MORE now than ever before. I’m being given the opportunity to do some self-work that is always beneficial, work on getting my finances together, and focus on what I want out of my life and career after this is all over.

It was this feeling that came over me during the weekend that I felt trapped. I didn’t want to be here anymore. I felt panicked at not knowing when this would end or if I might go crazy by the end of it.

I’m not sure if you’re having any of these same feelings – although I know at least a few are because of the comments I’ve been receiving on the Gram. One thing that I can say is this: we are ALL going through this and the emotions you feel each and every day will change. And that is not only normal, but completely OKAY.

It’s incredibly important to be kind to yourself during this time. 


The point of sharing this with you all is that I hit a huge funk over the weekend. I was lazy on Saturday and took the day off to lay in bed as I realize I’ve almost been keeping myself too busy, so as not to deal with any of the emotions. Then on Sunday I felt a bit better and managed a run, but still decided to bake again (made banana bread Saturday, which was all gone by Sunday, then cookies on Sunday, which were all gone on Monday). I didn’t feel myself either on Monday and actually started crying. Hormones? Period? Or just the fact that I am experiencing the same wave of emotions that everyone else is?

And that’s when I realized two huge things:

  • I am human and must allow myself to feel the emotions that come up and not try to keep myself busy so as not to deal with them
  • I had not done the 3 things I do every morning and it had a tremendous impact on me


The first bullet point there is pretty relatable, or at least I hope it is. Sometimes the coach needs to take her own advice, and that’s what that is. Bullet number two though. It being Tuesday and getting back on track, I wanted to share what these 3 things I do every morning are because I realized I had unconsciously stopped them.

So I’m sharing these with you because I believe they can help you find more motivation in your life, especially right now during these times of uncertainty.

3 Things I Do Every Morning

  1. Listen to a motivational talk, meditation, or do my gratitude journal within 30 minutes of waking up. Prioritizing myself, including the connection to my  spirituality is vital to how I feel during the day. I try to not be too strict with what it is that I do, rather swapping out activities that I know will make feel great. If I’m not feeling too good about things or really need a kick in the booty for motivation, I listen to this youtube video. Sometimes I need to rest an overactive mind, which I then do any of these meditations. And other times I need to get myself out of a funk by shifting my focus to what I’m grateful for and writing it in my notebook.
  2. Drink a big glass of warm water with lemon. I tend to do a coffee before my lemon water, but as soon as I’m done with said coffee, I fill a 1L mason jar with hot water and 1/2-1 whole juiced lemon and sip it over the next few hours. When I do this I have less cravings, more energy, digestion is on point, and I actually focus better. Not only that, it really does help me to make better choices for the rest of the day!
  3. Take a shower, put on makeup and change clothes. I’ve worked from home for many years and have learned that to be productive you must act as if you’re going to an office. This means getting ready as you normally would to go out. When I stay in my pj’s and go straight to work, I find that my motivation dwindles, I find more excuses to go to the kitchen, and have less desire to workout. If you want to see some other tips I have for maximimizing productivity while working from home, watch my video.


I hope these help you to find a bit more balance and motivation in your life too. Just know that you will have up and down days, feel great then not-so-good, and that is totally normal.

The main thing is to keep focusing on things you CAN control, such as how you take care of yourself, why you want to do self-care, and how you act/react to things around you.

I’d love to know: what are the routines YOU do every (or mostly) morning that you swear by? Share below.


Tons of love,


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