30 Things To Do In 30 Days In Coronavirus Quarantine

23 Mar 2020

If you are reading this then more likely than not you are sitting at home wondering what you are going to do with your time if you are stuck at home. Depending on where you live, you might have been quarantined for days already or your town is just starting to enforce some house lockdowns. No matter where you are, just know that there will be good that comes out of this time as hard as it may seem. That is why I wanted to share a list of 30 Things To Do In 30 Days In Coronavirus Quarantine.

I wish I could tell you that it would be over sooner than that, but the truth is, we don’t know. And so rather than getting angry about it or drinking your way through the days, take to this time and bring some psotivie intentions and actions out of it. There is actually no better time than right now to do all the things you’ve been putting off. Whetherm it’s something healthy like getting to the gym more often or committing to a yoga practice, the world (or rather your house) is your oyster and you have no excuses.

Quarantine might look something like this: excitement day 1 and 2 of “yay, I get to be home, let’s make a quartantine martini,” which can then change to “I am soooooo bored and feel locked up,” by days 3-5. The rest will be history of how you choose to handle it. I put this list together of some of the best things that you could do for yourself to bring about positive change in your life, whenever this crazy/terrible/scary/sad/overwheleming epidemic ends.

My recommendation is that you read through the list and write down any that really spark your interest then commit to doing them. There truly is no time like the present as you may never be given this opportunity to focus on yourself. This list is quite in-depth and gives you options for self-development, learning, cleaning out the old, to bringing in the new.


30 Things To Do In 30 Days In Coronavirus Quarantine


  1. Start flossing your teeth daily. I know, I know, this might seem like a silly or strange thing to be on a list of things to do while you’re stuck at home. But what’s the biggest reason you haven’t been doing it? Most likely the lack of time, because you’ve been rushing out of the house in the morning and are too tired at night.
  2. Foster an animal. There are shelters across America that are asking people to foster pets during the Coronavirus quarantine and what better time? These little fluff balls can give you an added sense of peace, happiness and keep you on a routine that you might not otherwise have. Check your local shelters to see if they are still open. (It’s recommended to do this sooner than later as much lockdowns are happening nationwide.)
  3. Buy a bunch of plants and create an indoor park for yourself. Plants are known to help boost your  productivity, concentration and can enhance your mood through the oxygen they provide, which is vital for the body. The fresh air in your house can also help to prevent colds, not to mention they liven up any space.
  4. Call or text people in your contact list, starting from top to bottom. There’s people who you probably haven’t talked to in years and what better time to reach out and say hi. This is a fun one to see who you can reconnect with, learn about their lives, share about yours, and send some positive love to others. If you come across a contact you don’t want to text or don’t like, skip to #28 on this list.
  5. Start an online course. Overnight universities and online programs dropped their fees and are now offering free schooling. Yale has made one of their most popular courses ever free (The Science of Well Being), while you’re at it, have a look at the whole website. It’s the perfect time to learn something new and increase your skills, especially if you’re nervous about losing your job. If you’ve ever thought about writing your own book, check out my Book Masterclass, that will guide you through coming up with your idea to writing a kick ass book proposal.
  6. Join an online yoga or fitness class and commit to it daily. Online fitness classes have been around for ages but most of us made excuses saying we don’t like working out at home. Well…now you’re home and there is nothing stopping you from keeping your fitness up. Many yoga studios are giving away free online memberships (especially if you are a current in-person student), or highly discounted rates. There’s classes on YouTube, or you could find one of the many influencers online that are doing daily IGTV videos. This will help keep your sanity during these times but also get you those abs and bubble butt you’ve been lusting after. Check out my personal favorite, Alexa Silvaggio (who I’ll also be partnering with in the coming week to teach you all things health and fitness every day).
  7. Start your meditation practice. We know that mediation helps to reduce anxiety and can help to keep you in a state of peace which is especially needed in times like these. For my recommendations of what meditations to do, click here. There are apps like Calm, Headspace, and many others that will help keep you on track.
  8. Watch inspiring and educational documentaries. Turn the news off which only leads to more uncertainty and fear and instead start to learn about history, famous people who have done incredible things, the economics of the world, sports… pretty much you name it, it’s there.
  9. Rest. This might be the only time in your life that you’ll be given the opportunity to get the sleep your body needs. To really benefit from this, be sure to put your phone away at least 30 minutes before your bed, as the blue light from the screen can disrupt your REM sleep (that deep sleep that allows your body to regenerate itself).
  10. Start a gratitude journal. In times of uncertainty, it’s incredibly important to keep a sense of calm and happiness and writing down all the things you are grateful for each day will help. Try to be as specific as possible and write down 3-5 things every single day. Gratitude logs have been proven to reduce stress and anxiety and keep you focusing on what you CAN control.
  11. Plan your next vacation. It might be a while before you get to actually take it, but there is nothing better than visualizing and planning out what you want to do. Research has shown that visualization can actually help us to boost creativity, be able to tackle things that scare us with more confidence and  builds purpose in our lives.
  12. Clean your entire house, top to bottom. This is a no-brainer. You’ve been putting off cleaning for a while because of your busy schedule. Now is the perfect time to do a deep cleaning, starting and finishing one room after another. A clean house will allow your mind to stay more calm with all the craziness going on.
  13. Organize your closet. It’s the perfect time to start getting rid of things you no longer wear and keep only the things that inspire you. Begin with three piles, the absolute keep pile, the absolute go pile, and the maybe. Once you’ve gone through all your clothes, look at the maybe pile and if the clothes there are not an absolute yes to wearing again, then give it away. Donate it to a charity as people will be needing clothes during this time.
  14. Watch (or rewatch) the 100 greatest movies of all time. Take the quiz to see how many you’ve seen and then start watching the rest; the is a reason these movies have been rated as the best of the best.
  15. Dream up your perfect job. If you are one of the many Americans who sadly might lose their job during this time, then it’s time to write down what your dream job looks like. Start with what you would love to do, then  what your biggest passions are in life. Write down what you are really great at and can help others with. Finally write down what work you would do even if you didn’t get paid to do it (i.e. if you had enough money, what would you do out of passion). Come up with a list based on these of jobs you can look for or create one and start searching online. It’s a good idea to also look into industries that are thriving during this pandemic.
  16. Learn a new (totally random) skill. You might not think coding ever sounded fun, but who knows, maybe you are incredibly good at it – and the good news is that websites aren’t going out of fashion. Think about things you’ve always wanted to do and never had time for.
  17. Make a list of the people who have influenced you most in life and write them a note or letter, thanking them. This can be anyone from someone in your family such as your mom or dad, to a grandparent, a celebrity, or an important figure in history. Write down how they’ve impacted you, what you learned, and how you’ve become a better person from following their advice. If they are alive, send it. This could be the most heartwarming thing they see all year.
  18. Iron your bed sheets. This one might sound strange, but there is something so satisfying about getting into a bed with freshly washed sheets that have also been ironed like a hotel bed. You’ll enjoy getting into bed each night and getting a restful sleep.
  19. Get your 2019 taxes done. Like most, you’ve probably put have put this off until the last minute and luckily the government has given you an extension to July 15. But there’s no better time to get them done and hey, maybe even learn how to do them yourself while quarantined at home.
  20. Dance every day. Movement in the body creates better coordination, flexibility, and can improve your cardiovascular health. The best part? No one will be watching as you bust a move and dance like it’s 1999.
  21. Write down everything you want to do by the end of 2020. Dream big with everything from your finances to career, relationship, how you will look and feel. Then underline the items that you feel you can do or want to do (even if they feel out of reach) and come up with three action items for each of them. Choose one item to start with and begin with your first action item – no better time than the present to make your life amazing!
  22. Commit to the healthy routine you never had time for. This could be meditating, doing yoga, going to bed earlier, writing in a journal, doing self care such as face or hair masks. Whatever it is, now is your chance to turn it into habit, after all, it takes 21 days to adopt a practice into a habit you might have a head start on this. Schedule it in your phone’s calendar for the same time every day and watch your life change.
  23. Start body brushing daily. If you’ve battled cellulite or want to have softer skin then get yourself a body brush from Amazon (yes they are still shipping out home items) and start doing it before you get into the shower every day. The key is to brush in an upward motion starting from your feet towards your heart for roughly two minutes on the whole body. This also helps your  lymphatic system, which will be an added bonus if you’re stuck at home and not moving around too much. Watch this video to learn more.
  24. Stock up on good books and commit to finishing one a week. Instead of binge watching TV all day, every day, get yourself a great book and grow your mind. Some of my favorites are The Signature of All Things, The Power of Now, The Alchemist. Not into reading books alone? Join a book club which you can find online by searching Facebook or Meetup.com.
  25. Learn how to cook delicious meals at home. You’ll never have another opportunity like this to learn how to cook for yourself or your family. Been saving recipes on IG or cutting them out of magazines? Try them now. If you’re looking to learn meals or want to detox your body check out this book, and if you would like to lose some weight while at home get this one.
  26. Binge listen to some incredible podcasts. The best thing about podcasts is you can listen while doing laundry or cleaning your house, going for a walk, or relaxing on the couch. A few episodes I recommend: ‘How to Sustain Your Motivation‘ by Jim Kwik, “3 Ways to Deal with Loneliness & Healthy Social Distancing’ by Jay Shetty, ‘Do you ever feel like a fraud?’ by Tony Robbins. I also recommend listening to an interview I recently did where I talk about the benefits of the quarantine, spiritual lessons of the coronavirus and how to mentally deal with it – ‘Nikki Sharp: Nutrition and Mental Health Tips for Boosting Your Immune System During Quarantine‘ by Andrew Gabelic, the creator of Teledipity.
  27. Write down a list of what is most important to you during this time. Yes, it’s an incredibly frustrating time to be going through, but if you can stay positive on what is most important than you’re more likely to keep your sanity and come out on top. Whatever the top three things are of the utmost importance, then focus your time and attention on those (beneficial things and actions of course) and let the rest go. If you can’t control it now or it won’t affect you in this moment, then redirect your attention to what you can and should do for yourself.
  28. Go through your phone book and delete old contacts. I know, I know, this might seem a bit silly, but when you take a moment to look through it do you really need that person that you’ve had programmed in for the last 10 years that you’ve never called? You’ll start to see that when you clear out old things, such as contacts, clothes you don’t wear, bathroom products that are empty, you have space for so much more.
  29. Get outside and enjoy nature. Currently, you are still allowed to go outside although we have the stay-at-home restrictions. Utilize this and enjoy the fresh air, flowers coming up for spring, take photos, go for runs and hikes. Being in nature is one of the most beneficial things for your body and mind, reducing stress and anxiety, while providing clean air to your lungs.
  30. Write love letters to yourself. When was the last time that you really took a moment to thank yourself or show appreciation for all that you’ve done? Take out a piece of paper, address it to yourself either now or at a previous age and start to shower yourself in love. It might seem cliche and funny to do, but this is the inner self work that will help you to show up with more love and compassion for your own body and mind. Doing this simple exercise can help to reduce anxiety, depression and judgement you have on your life – and truly, there is no better time to do it than now.


I hope you enjoyed the 30 Things To Do In 30 Days In Coronavirus Quarantine list. I’d love to know what you try from this or anything you would add. Leave a comment below!



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  1. Ronak says:

    OMG such a good things to do. I actually do many of them now during this times and got many new idea like iron the sheet, delet the old contacts…..
    Thank you for your support Nikki. You are amazing. Loveeeee Ronak from Sweden. @ronaliviola

    • admin says:

      Hi Ronak, I’m so happy to hear you already have been doing many of these. Well done. Thank YOU for your continued support with what I share. xx

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