5 Things I'm Loving, January Edition

25 Jan 2014

So I totally meant to post this each month and I realized I slightly missed November and December so… without further ado, here are my favorite things at the moment this month!

Each thing I’m listing are things that I’ve tried, swear by and love for one reason or another. I’m not getting paid, nor getting anything free with anything I mention today so these are my unbiased opinions.

  1.  Teas. This is of course the time for a new year, new you and I think there is nothing better than having teas to help get you feeling healthy throughout the day. There are so many beautiful teas on the market and I’m always in search of new & delicious ones that make you feel amazing, curb cravings, and help put you to sleep (for those of you with sleep troubles like myself). My favorite ones at the moment are: Twinning’s Chammomile with mint & lemon, Tea Pigs (just about ALL of their teas!) however I’m loving their Chilli chai and Green tea with mint. I’ve also recently tried a few other tea brands (flat tummy tea and Teatoxify) as they sent me samples, which I’ll do a review on nThe Night Circus UKext week.
  2. Reading. The new year is always a time we say we’ll focus on ourselves more and I’ve been doing exactly this through making time for me, by reading. Currently on my ever growing list of books is: The Night Circus (this one is absolutely incredible and I cannot put down), The Peaceful Warrior (another really amazing books and such a beautiful spiritual one that will get you thinking about life in a new positive light), and most recently Grain Brain. I’m always in search of a new and exciting book so if you have read anything recently do share with me on twitter (nikkirsharp).
  3. Travel. So far in the 24 days of January I’ve been to Rome, Los Angeles, and now the Sundance Film Festival where I then h3ead off to NYC then back to London. Travel is on my list of things I’m loving because one of my new years resolutions was to only do things that I truly enjoy and travel is one of the. Too often do we get caught up in our day to day lives, worrying about our problems and forget that there is a whole big world out there! I recommend for everyone to take a step outside of your comfort zone and plan a trip to someone you have been wanting to go. Even if this is a day journey, going to an event, anywhere local, or a a plane ride away. Travel doesn’t always have to mean expensive and long trips, there are so many things you can do locally that you may not have done because there’s always “something else to do.” I know I’m like that with the beautiful city of London! (PS Check out this post on my top tips to stay healthy while traveling!)
  4. Cocoa Juvenate Hand Cream & Body Oil. I got these at Borough Market in London (both are  fdsfds produced by Hotel Chocolat) and contain cocoa butter, shea butter and mango seed oil. These scents are soooo calming and they both hydrate my skin leaving it silky smooth. These are the only two body lotions/products I took with me on my travels.
  5. My spiralizer. This is one of those pieces of kitchen equipment that I just cannot get enough of! If you are getting bored of your vegetables, have picky eaters in the house or are looking to create a pretty awesome dish for friends or a party then a spiralizer is the way to go! Check out my post here on it as I discuss it in further detail… but seriously, go buy one! They are cheap and make all veggie dishes so fun to eat.IMG_4111

I hope you all enjoyed this list this month. For me, January’s list is more about tips to get you staying to your resolutions rather than specific products, because a product doesn’t always mean it will make your life better (experiences and appreciation of life will though!)



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