How to Lose Weight  

15 Apr 2016


Want to lose weight, and lose it fast? I know I’ve thought about getting results ASAP! That’s just the society we live in today, isn’t it? A society of instant gratification. The fastest technology, the fastest communication and we can’t forget, fast food. Whatever we want, we want it now. Fitness results are no exception to that. So once we have decided we want to lose weight, we want to know the secret to losing it fast, right?

Well lovebugs, the truth is there is no quick overnight way to see all the result you want. One personal training session at the gym isn’t going to give you abs and a few salads here and there aren’t going to drop the extra pounds. Losing weight is all about balance and consistency.

Honestly, weight loss is kind of like having a budget, only were talking calories and not dollars. I hate budgeting my money… But if you listen to your body, your hunger and your energy levels, its a bit easier to balance your calorie budget. However, if you’re trying to LOSE weight, you need a calorie deficit, not a balance. You need your calorie output (the amount of energy you are using up naturally and with exercise) to be greater than your calorie input (all those tasty dishes you are eating). But like I said, I hate budgeting – I believe there are better solutions than counting up all those calories in and out. Focus on making healthy eating choices that just satisfy your hunger and work out enough to push yourself, without going overboard. Here are a few of my favorite weight-loss tips.


How to lose weight

  • Don’t expect anything to happen overnight. When we put unrealistic time frames on our goals we can get discouraged easily when we don’t achieve them. Focus your goals on becoming healthier and happier with your body and the results will come.
  • Stay positive. If you believe you can do it, you will! Don’t compare your body and your journey to anyone else’s. You are beautiful the way you are now and you will be beautiful at every step along your journey. Don’t focus on negative feelings you have about your body now or you will be dissatisfied when things don’t change as quickly as you had hoped. Focus on what you will gain when you lose.
  • If you aren’t following a set program, try writing down what you eat. Seeing the choices and portions on paper will help you to realize the positive changes you are making to your diet. If you aren’t seeing results, this food log will also help you to evaluate where you may need to make additional improvements.
  • Focus on water. Water is truly an amazing thing. Not only does our body need it to survive, but it can be so helpful when we are on our weight-loss journey. Merely changing over everything you drink to water can make you shed a LOT of weight if you consume several fruit juices and soda beverages in your current diet. Even if you are a healthy drinker to start, increasing your water intake can help you to feel less hungry and less drained by your workouts. Don’t like the H2O? Give my tasty detox waters a try.
  • Before you reach for a snack, ask yourself “Am I actually hungry?” Weight loss can be really hard to kickstart if we are eating out of boredom, habit, stress, or emotions. Really try to listen to your body and eat to fuel it. Don’t multi-task while you eat. You are likely to consume more food and you are less likely to register when you are full. Don’t graze in front of the fridge either. Make your plate of appropriate portions, sit down, and enjoy your meal. If you are trying to kick the habit of continually snacking post meal- try brushing your teeth immediately after. The minty feeling signals to your body that meal time is over.
  • Make your goal to have an active lifestyle instead of just hitting the gym up once a day. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Get up and walk for 5 minutes for every 2 hours you sit at a desk. Make family time or social outings active; switching out a trip to the movies for a hike once in a while can make a big difference in your mindset.
  • Get enough rest. Sleep is your body’s chance to use your fat cells to fuel your body. Going to bed early will make you less likely to hit the fridge up one last time before bed. Being sleep deprived is linked to extra sugar cravings throughout the day because your body wants that energy boost. You are then more likely to crash and have less energy to exercise. If you aren’t getting enough zzz’s your metabolism isn’t going to be functioning at its best either. Do you body a favor and make a full night’s sleep a part of your healthy lifestyle.

In the end, just remember that your body is going to need a little time, a bit of hard work and a balanced lifestyle to shed the unwanted pounds. You can do it, and it will make you feel amazing – inside and out! Comment below and let me know where you are in your journey. What motivates you and what are some of your favorite weight loss tips??

Enjoy the journey my loves,


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