Adulting: Life Hacks To Get Your Sh*t Together

adulting with nikki sharp and zack peter
19 Nov 2018

I know this doesn’t come as ANY surprise, because you’ve already binge-listened to the entire season one of # adulting and learned so much from all the experts that Zack and I had on. But just in case…

Season two of Adulting: Life Hacks To Get Your Shit Together  comes out TOMORROW! That’s Tuesday, November 20th in case you get back to front on your dates like me.


So why does this matter?

I’m so glad you asked! This show is all about interviewing experts across different fields to provide you with the most complete understanding of what health really means, how to get your finances in order, what exercise is best for you and so.much.more. Season two is an incredibly comprehensive look into some issues that many of us are facing right now and direct ways to overcome them.

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Adulting – what it means to get your sh*t together

Season one was all about interviewing experts such as

Dr. Mark Hyman (why is it so DAMN expensive to be healthy?!)

Max Lugavere (Raw, Keto, Vegan, Paleo…WTF do we eat?)

Eileen Kelly (Is it bad to fake an orgasm? And other burning sex questions)

and so many other incredible people.

The topics ranged from medicinal mushrooms and what health trends are BS to the biggest money tips to becoming a #richbitch.

Zack Peter and myself are SO proud of this show because we are asking the questions that you want answers to!

Season 2: What’s new?



This season on Adulting we have upgraded our look, ourselves, and the conversations we are having. We feel more mature from last season and with that comes a whole new host of problems that we as adults face while adulting.

What should you expect?

adulting podcast guest list with Nikki Sharp, Zack Peter, Lori Harder, Kute Blackson, Goop, Honest Company

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Many of you came to me with questions about feeling like a fraud / imposter syndrome, so we are breaking that down both with a solo episode with Zack and myself, as well as asking a few of our top notch guests. We dive into toxic relationships and how they are harming you and how to overcome them in your life. This season we are exploring how to grow your brand by interviewing a billion dollar company, how to deal with haters, and how to start attracting the love you want and deserve.

We’re talking about sex, tantra, failures and dealing with family during the holidays. But you’ll have to just stay tuned for it all this season.

Episodes 1-3 are coming out TOMORROW (November 20) so head over to iTunes and subscribe if you haven’t already! You won’t want to miss a single episode!

zack peter and nikki sharp for the adulting podcast


Season 2 Adulting – Episode 1: Going Through The Shit

Season 2 Adulting – Episode 2: The Power Of Giving Zero F*cks With Goop

Season 2 Adulting – Episode 3: How Do I Turn My Passion Into A Billion Dollar Business?

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I’d love to know what you thought of season one. What were your favorite episodes?




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