All the foods you’re told to eat

28 Dec 2014

Have you  noticed that with the new year approaching, we are being bombarded with all the foods you’re told to eat to help you stop depression, help you gain more energy, help you lose weight, help you get more nutrients…etc. etc.? If you’ve been paying attention to these, there is article after article all about all of these. And there is one common theme. Can you guess what it is?

Real Food.

Real food meaning things that come from mother nature. Fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, and yes animal/fish products. I was thinking about this today after reading through Yahoo! and seeing various things about headaches, winter foods to help depression, spice trends and much, much more.

It’s interesting to me that nutrition and food has become such a ‘complicated’ science where we are told this is good for us, that is bad, eat this to lose weight, skip that, don’t eat dairy, do eat dairy. You get the drift. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to nutrition, yet there seems to be one common theme which is eating things that are not processed, eating less salt, sugar and eating more foods that you cook yourself.

If you are choosing a new years goal that has to do losing weight, getting healthy, or anything health related, then your best friend should be making your own food where you know what’s going in it. If you go to restaurants, yes you are getting ‘real food’ but that ‘real food’ can be cooked with ample amounts of butter, oil, salt, and will not be as healthy as you imagine. Just remember that you are in charge of what you put in your body. Eat fruits and vegetables. These are automatically good for you: they contain fiber, antioxidants, so many amazing vitamins and minerals and will flush your body of toxins.

I realize that things can get confusing with so many studies of what’s good for you versus not, but it’s your job to figure out if you can tolerate dairy, gluten, meat, and what works for your body. No article can tell you what’s good or not, what they will tell you though, is that REAL FOOD is good for you. Point Blank.

All I ask is that you buy organic where possible, cut down on your sugar and salt when cooking, and begin meal prepping in order to stay healthy for the long term.

With Love, N

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