Are You Self-Sabotaging?

25 Feb 2014

This week is different! No more junk food, no more sodas, I will eat healthy, exercise and finally GET FIT.

Does this sound like you?

Many of us, myself including, will set the best intentions, say we are going to get fit and healthy and we start on the healthy band wagon. A week or two passes, we do every thing “perfect” and then something happens and we stop working out, eat a candy bar, start feeling sorry for ourselves and ultimately say we will start again tomorrow.

So why do we do this and why can’t we just once and for all be healthy?

While there is no right or wrong answer for this, there are two big factors that play into this. I’ll explain the two things that I’ve found have help ME back personally and ways on how to beat them.


1. Looking at health and fitness as black and white, all or nothing.

Typically when we decide we will lose weight, this means that we are focusing on a number, how or body looks or only how our clothes fit. We forget that there is so much more to our lives than just looking a certain way. Don’t worry- I’m the exact same! I have not been feeling so great in my body recently because I just cannot shift a few extra pounds from the holidays and every time I start a new healthier regime I begin thinking, OKAY I’m going to lose weight and feel great. However, I forget that it’s not about the weight loss! It’s about getting myself healthy and the only way to get rid of cravings for good is to start changing your lifestyle.

Sugar and salt are extremely addicting things and no matter how good you say you will be, if you have an addiction (which is pretty easy to come by because of either emotional reasons or pure taste) then it can be hard to beat. I get to the point that every night I start feeling lonely and end up eating chocolate because of emotional comfort. As much as I preach to everyone not to do this, to do something productive, call a friend, go for a walk, sometimes I cannot even take my own advice. Now do you know WHY this is happening? Because I’ve stopped looking at my body as a thing of how healthy I am and rather how quickly I can shed weight. I’m the same as everyone else and with this being the case, I know my body, I know when I’m restricting fruit and I end up over eating sugary crap products.

How to combat this? Allow yourself dark chocolate, no less than 70%. Allow yourself unlimited fruit. Because while you might be afraid that you are going to gain weight, you will actually find that your body stops craving so much sugar because you are now  having it from natural sources. This was THE ONLY way I have ever gotten to my goal weight without going on some fad diet and was able to stay in the shape I wanted to be for nearly a year!

2. Telling yourself you will never have something again and if you do have something that throws you off the ‘health’ wagon, eating junk to excess because of guilt.

Telling yourself that you will never eat a certain item again will inevitably lead you to intense cravings for that item; it’s the way our brains work. Just look at any diet you’ve ever tried. Did they work? No, otherwise you probably wouldn’t be reading this.

I like to tell people to focus on the positive, rather than the negative. That means NOT telling yourself about all the things you cannot have and rather starting to include the beneficial things. If someone is not healthy, trying to lose a few pounds, or is about to start my detox but has a pretty bad diet, I always recommend adding one green smoothie a day. This will start to offset the bad things you are having and naturally crowd out the cravings for those things, while increasing your taste for natural, cleansing foods. My favorite smoothies all contain mint because it is such a refreshing ingredient that seriously helps combat cravings

Just remember that when you tell yourself you’re not going to do or have something, it’s putting negative energy into that thing, which automatically puts you in a down spin. I do understand sometimes we want to be super strict and need to be, however that’s when I always promote things like my detox because it’s not actually taking out too many things at once and leaving you feeling starving or craving bad foods.

While there is no  right or wrong way to approach a new diet, way of living, new exercise regime or changing your lifestyle… remember that it takes time! When I first started my health journey, it was slow! I did the bridge from regular milk to soy milk, soy milk to almond milk to making my own. I didn’t cut meat out, nor chocolate. I just started having meat less and swapped for only dark chocolate. When you create too many restrictions in your body it leads to you having cravings and not being satisfied, which is what will make you self sabotage.



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