What I Ate While in NYC

14 Nov 2014

I get so many questions on what I eat when I travel, what workouts I do, how I stay sane…oh and healthy. It’s definitely not rocket science, but it is also very hard to stay healthy when there are either limited options or too many bad options.

On the plane I took a salad from Whole Foods in a Tupperware container. In this I had chicken, spinach, beets, broccoli (which I made myself), cucumbers, and some black rice. Normally I take these in mason jars but I couldn’t find my large one- so Tupperware it was. It’s vitally important to bring your own food on flights because what they offer is not healthy. I won’t get into that because you already know it 🙂 I also had 1L of water (and added two mint tea bags) from the newsagent to make sure I was hydrating.

Most mornings I would try to have a green juice for breakfast. New York is one of those great places where there’s a juice shop in most areas (I’m still waiting for the day when there are more juice shops then Starbucks in the city!). I went there when I first arrived and grabbed a few green juices for the next few days, along with some other goodies such as aloe vera and ginger shots. Instead of coffee I would try to have these to calm my nerves, give my body nourishment and not get too hyped up from the caffeine as I didn’t want to crash in the middle of the day. The meetings were also fairly early (plus nerves) so I wasn’t terribly hungry each morning.

Lunches we stopped wherever we could that was healthy. Day one of meetings we had sushi as it was the quickest and I got a veggie roll and miso soup. Day two of meetings we stopped by a Chipotle where I got a chicken burrito, sans tortilla. Day three was a little shop where they made all sorts of things and I opted for a salad of chicken, spinach, beets, cucumber. Pretty basic but nothing else really looked that good.

The thing about eating out is finding the healthiest option, even if they don’t have the best things. Always try to get greens in… this is key! The fiber will fill you up and you can always add or remove things from salads, plus they are quick. I also think it’s very important to keep water with you, because hunger can be mistaken for thirst, which is more important for your body. (You can last a month without eating, water, only a few days.)

On Saturday morning I had an egg white omlette with spinach, avocado and roasted potatoes. Lunch was with a friend where I had a burger without cheese or bun. The side was a salad and roasted brussel sprouts. During the conference I had salads from Whole Foods and dinners were always something basic with lots of veggies.

I wish I had taken pics of my food for you all to see because I do know it’s always interesting to know what ‘healthy people’ have when they travel. The main point is that I was always hydrating and trying to keep the nourishment up with lots of veggies. I didn’t eat any fruit (well, my hotel did bring my a fruit plate but it didn’t look appetizing), so I snacked on raw almonds when needed. Of course, there were the times I didn’t eat so well and I made it a point to super hydrate and add lots of nutrients with water and green juice.

Hope that helps you all a little for the next time you are traveling.



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