Beautiful Bali: Day 1

06 Mar 2015

I had a 25 hour journey from LAX to Bali, over so many time zones I lost count. Finally got to the airport in Bali, two days later, and was absolutely shattered. I sat in a ridiculously long line to get my visa (and apparently the wrong line at that, as all other lines but mine were moving) for about 30 minutes and then another 30 minutes in the customs line. It was then tears started coming out my eyes, god. No. why? How embarrassing. I’m passing it off as just pure exhaustion!

Anyways, I finally got through security and all that nonsense to find my driver which I had booked to take me to my hotel. I did this purely because after 25 hours of travel, I figured I absolutely would not want to deal with a taxi and any chance of negotiation of price and route, which seems to happen quite often in Asian countries. Arrive at the hotel, Hotel Komune, which took about an hour or so to get to. Happy, tired, exhausted, excited and just about every other emotion at this point. Check in quickly and head to my little room which calls my name. I lay on the bed watching E! for about an hour, thinking to myself why am I watching TV when I am going on this whole yoga training, where I should be focusing on ME. I feel I should be meditating or doing some yoga after this whole trip. Instead I lay nearly comatose on the bed.


sunrise with surfers heading straight out for the day

Now, I’m a pretty damn good traveler. I don’t really ever get jet jag, I rarely get sick when traveling to new countries (new food + water) and I LOVE planes, trains, boats…you name it. So it was a bit strange that this trip made me as tired as I was. I have come to realize that I was so exhausted because I’ve been doing my reading for the yoga training and the books are intense. They really make you start to think inward about yourself, who you are, and at least for me, what I want out of life. So add on to a 25 hour journey with some seriously high emotions and we have a pretty awesomely sensitive girl.


Okay, so we are now at the hotel and it starts raining. No problem, been there done that. Well, it starts to pour. And by pour, I mean like it’s not going to let you walk out for one second without getting absolutely soaked. It continues like this for one hour. So I watch E!. Finally it slows down and I convince myself that I should be with other people at the restaurant- I mean, hey, I did just fly all the way out to Bali, and not to sit in my room alone! So I head there in the rain, grab a seat and enjoy the rain, lighting and night surfers.

Cut to the next morning when I wake up at 5am, as I had fallen asleep at 9pm last night and I tell myself to go back to bed. Well, that doesn’t happen so I decide to finally get up at 6am, grab my yoga mat and walk to the beach/pool area. I set up the mat, start some meditation then proceed to do some yoga, for about…well… let’s call it 7 minutes. My yoga mat becomes so wet from the humidity that I cannot move into any yoga position without falling, so I call it quits. Instead I head to the beach where I take a few photos, watch the surfers and enjoy the peaceful morning. Bliss.

The following part of my morning starts out like this: my semi yoga, drinking coconut water from fresh coconut in the duration of an hour while I read, having a Balinese coffee 40 minutes after the coconut, changing into swimsuit as it’s too hot otherwise and sweat is literally dripping down my face even though it’s cloudy, finally having another coffee 50 minutes after the first, then a smoothie another 30 minutes later as I move to the pool to submerge myself in the cool, cool, water, ready to unmelt myself.

I honestly didn’t realize two things: 1) It rains. A lot. Which means there is no sun and 2) You WILL get a wicked burn even though there is no sun.

Only once was there a glimmering hope of sunshine and that lasted about 20 minutes with clouds still covering and all it meant was I was sweating more than I was when it was fully cloudy. Alas, still got burned on my first day. At least I knew to buy sunscreen for the rest of the trip!

So the rest of my day went like this: go to Hardy’s (a big random shop) to get sunscreen, towel, sarong. Drive back to hotel. Skype with boyfriend for an hour while it rains outside. Walk to beach and start heading towards a big gathering, wondering what it is. Rain starts to threaten me, so walk back to safety of bar/restaurant. Proceed to order a glass of white wine, as every other person is drinking, so it seems like it’s a mandatory thing, or that it’s just my last night of ‘fun’ before my yoga training makes sure I don’t touch a drop for 3 weeks, which I am actually really excited about. Sit there for a good few hours not doing anything productive other than reading magazines. The rain starts again but this time full force, Monsoon season style rain where there is no chance you are going outside of the restaurant. So I sit in peace, drinking my wine, and decide to order dinner.

I realize at this point I have tried a few ‘Balinese’ foods in one day: a fresh coconut, which is not nearly as sweet as the coconut water we have at home….so I’m a bit dubious now, their style of juice (or smoothie- or juice….they have 2 juice sections, 1 smoothie section on the menu, to which I couldn’t figure out the difference between them), and a Balinese dish of cooked veggies wrapped in cabbage leaves with peanut dipping sauce, which was absolutely divine.

As I write this now, at 8.40pm on Thursday, it sounds like the roof of my room will collapse. The rain is something else. I get why it’s so green here….the rain is a constant. However, it didn’t really help me in that I was trying to take a totally rocking pic for Instagram today….well, sorry folks….mother nature had other plans!


My delicious juice/smoothie of beetroot, carrot, apple and ginger. Of course with some dark unhappy clouds in the background.


Beautiful flowers in Bali


The jungle to get from my hotel room to the beach.


pure coconut water = pure bliss


Balinese food of cooked vegetables with bean curd and peanut sauce.

Anyways, so that’s about it for me, for now. I’ve been here one day and it’s been full on, while at the same time not feeling anything other than being away from home for one day. I head out on the boat to my little island I’ll be on for the next three weeks tomorrow. I’m really excited to meet the other people for the training and get to know myself better. Oh, and maybe finally learn the handstand (juussssst kidding!). I can’t wait to share how the training goes, my thoughts and feelings about it all, and of course, what it’s like to train in Bali!

Much love for now! Nikki

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  1. Svetlana says:

    Nikki, thanks for sharing that. Wish you an exciting training ahead!

  2. zlata says:

    Did you take a swim in the sea!? That would be the first thing I would do if I went to bali:)

  3. Federica says:

    Love these new posts about lifestyle!

  4. Tatjana says:

    Hi Nikki! What camera did you use to take those beautiful photos? Thanks

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