The Viceroy

18 May 2015

IMG_6390The Viceroy in Ubud is one of those places that you look at dreamily on travel sites when looking at hotels to stay in Bali; I know, I browsed this place so many times as I was booking a hotel. So when they asked me to be a guest I happily agreed to stay.

One of the things that jumps out at you when browsing this place is the photos. I mean, they are just spectacular. I know how good places can be made to look through a photo so I was excited to see if this hotel really lived up to my expectations. Upon arriving and although raining, I can definitely say that this place has something special to it. While being an high-end luxury hotel, it has this beautiful sense of coziness to it, which comes from the atmosphere and friendly staff.What made me really love this place was the attention to detail. Everything from flowers meticulously placed all over my room, to the towel hanger (the Guyan hand mudra, which helps to enhance knowledge and brain function, concentration, prevents insomnia and helps relieve you of depression), to the food presentation, it all added a touch of beauty and elegance. For myself, I really love going to places that have a more boutique feel, where you know that you will be taken care as a special guest, no matter what room you are staying in. You absolutely get that feeling here.


L1050932The Viceroy is owned and run by a lovely family. You can see them walking around, talking to guests, tasting the food and making sure everything is running smoothly everyday. If you have a problem (which I’m sure you won’t), then they are there to help solve it immediately. I sat at the bar one afternoon working for a few hours and Otto, the owner, came over and asked why I was working for so long, to which I laughed and replied that it was the perfect place to work. I mean really, you’re sitting at a high top bar with an ice cold beer, the infinity pool to your right, people having a luxury high tea behind you, and the restaurant to your left. In front of you, you watch the rain falling into the calming jungle. Seems like a pretty amazing place to be working from if you ask me. Anyways, we got into a conversation and I got to meet his wife, who was the lovely woman behind all the details of the hotel. I went on to speak to much of the staff while I was there and they were so sweet, knowing my name and room number immediately.




I have stayed in many a hotels throughout all my travels and this was definitely up there for beautiful ones, especially rooms. It reminded me of being in Santorini and rather than having the sea in front of you, you look out into the beautiful jungle from your heated private pool. Having stayed at the deluxe terrace villa, I will absolutely recommend this room for anyone looking to come here, it is worth your hard earned money. I promise.


L1050908Overall, if you want to switch off completely and come for a zen holiday, this is your place. If you are looking for something uber romantic, then definitely come here. But if you want more action, to meet people, get active in the jungle, or head to the city center, this is also the place for you. I found there was a wonderful balance for those who want a super relaxed time and those who want to go explore and come home to a great place. I highly enjoyed my stay at the Viceroy and will happily return next time I am in Bali, except next time I will plan on staying longer than a few nights. When you’re there checkout the spa and see if you can get a massage outdoors, it’s absolutely lush and try to end your treatment with a hair mask and scalp massage, you’ll thank me later. Oh yea, don’t forget your camera, you’ll want to take a million photos here.


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With Love, N

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