Get a Bikini Body in 5 Days

18 Apr 2015

My little love bugs,

It’s coming to that time of year for many of you…you know, that time when you have to be in little dresses, shorts and those sexy swimsuits you’ve been dreaming of. I know for myself, it can be tough during these winter months because when it’s cold we don’t exercise as much, eat as healthy or stick to our New Year’s Resolutions. So you want to know my #1 secret to get a bikini body in 5 days?

The 5 Day Detox. If you haven’t done it before, then I ask, what is stopping you?

There are so many reasons why people detox, ranging from wanting to kick start their weight-loss, to having more energy, sleeping better, and getting clearer skin. If you have been feeling low on energy, want to reduce bloating, want to kick your sugar cravings, lose a few pounds, or feel more vibrant then doing this detox is for you! It will help to get you bikini ready after hibernating all winter and give you the confidence that you’ve been lacking. I promise!

Here is some deliciously worthy news about the detox:

  • It’s vegan
  • It’s gluten-free
  • You get to eat REAL food, not just juices or smoothies
  • It’s only 5 days!
  • There’s no starvation involved! You get to eat 5 meals a day
  • It will teach you how to cook easy, yet delicious meals
  • You will learn all about combining certain foods for maximum flavor
  • You WILL see results, both physical & mental, guaranteed!

So again, I ask, what is stopping you?

Check out some delicious meals from the detox:

IMG_5519 IMG_8952 IMG_1737



That not enough? Check out these before & afters from only 5 short days!

collage_18 IMG_5258  Shelby

Ready yet? Click here to learn more and join the thousands doing the 5 Day Detox!

With Love, Nikki

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