BTS of my book launch (the REAL DEAL)

11 May 2018

Boy oh boy has this been a book launch. I was just asking a friend what I should put in today’s newsletter and she told me that it would be great to hear about the #BTS of the launch… and how it’s REALLY going. Because you see, she has been privy to everything that has been going on and she’s been there to celebrate the highlights and she’s seen me through the moments where nothing seems to be going right.

Today you will get some insider scoop into the book launch process and how it really went, because I promise, its not all rainbows as it looks from the outside.

That being said, I want you all to know that I truly do appreciate every single comment you leave on IG, every message you send me about the book, and every post you do. These are what have fueled me through all the harder moments (and yes, there have been some pretty crazy ones).

So read on my lovely friends and learn about the highs, the lows, and what I’ve learned from it all.

The Highs & The Lows – # BTS of what really happens in a book launch

The highlights:

  • My book coming out!I mean, c’mon, you knew I had to put this here 🙂 But seriously, this has been two years in the making and it’s surreal to see other people holding the book
  • KTLA TVshow (although this was originally a low). If you remember from last week’s email, the show did not go as planned and we ended up filming it in the green room. It aired this week and they actually made it look pretty amazing. CLICK HERE to watch it & let me know your thoughts!
  • Free books! I was thrilled to partner with MoneyTips who is offering a free book to those who sign up for a credit report. I did get some harsh emails from a few asking why I was doing this and for me, it was actually a win win because I believe we need to know about our financials as much as health. I was amazed at how many of you wanted to claim the book and can’t wait for you to receive it.
  • Shape magazine online feature.I was asked to take 10 ingredients and make a week’s worth of meals – which if you know me – then I thoroughly enjoyed this, because it shows that eating yummy and healthy meals doesn’t need to be boring or expensive.
  • Cover of LA Yoga Magazine+ 8 page feature. I’m still amazed that your girl is on the cover and am grateful for everyone who has shared their copy with me.
  • Thoughtfully Magazine feature on the book and my meal prep hacks to see results. It is really a stunning piece and I was thrilled to see it in print.
  • WeWork event speaking on building your online brand, which I was able to share about the book and at the end of the day, helping others succeed.
  • Barnes & Noble event at The Grove. I’m still pinching myself that I was able to speak here. It was even better that I got to invite my dear friend, Zack Peter, to interview me which made it far more fun.
  • My book launch party. This is happening tomorrow and I’m really excited to have a glass of champagne with my closest in LA and really just appreciate the fact that I wrote a book.
  • Seeing all your photos!I am just loving seeing the posts and hearing your comments on your favorite parts of the book and what recipes you love (highlights below).


The lows:

  • I have been tested more times than I care to even admit and have cried soooo  many days during the launch. The pressure I put on myself to sell a lot of copies and get the book into your hands became too much and I kept breaking down. Things just did not flow as they should including PR related things, sales, TV shows, people posting who said they would… I mean the list goes on….
  • But, what is a HIGHLIGHT of the cry sessions and the immense pressure + things not going as planned is I’ve really learned to LET GO and enjoy every moment. I’ve been taught more than I thought possible about our own expectations and not holding on to things you cannot control.
  • Big fights with my boyfriend during this time. I share this because we are all human and while I was hyper stressed and he was in town to support, I got on his case a lot and we fought a lot. This is normal when there is a lot of pressure on someone and of course we take it out on those we love. But with each fight it really made me realize that he was here to support and love me and so we were able to work through them.
  • Not selling as many copies as I hoped. This was a total bummer for me because I really wanted to hit New York Times (I mean, what author doesn’t), and I didn’t even come close. It’s a big of an ego bruise, but I will just keep on pushing through because I know this book will help a lot of people.
  • Not sleeping. From the outside I share the good moments on Insta and I promote all the happy things happening. But I have had huge troubles sleeping during the launch and it really has taken it’s toll. I meditate, do yoga, cryotherapy, take supplements and sometimes these just dont work. I’m hoping things ease up though because sleep is so vitally important!


highlights from book launch

There are so many more highlights though, because when I look at each ‘low’ moment, I realize that it taught me something. And at the end of the day, that is what really matters – not that we “fuck up” but that we learn from our mistakes. I never believe in pure good or bad things, because each moment we grow from so it all becomes better in the end.

I share all of this for you to understand that we are all human. That social media makes our life look amazing. And that you might think others have perfect lives – no one does. Through every good comes hard moments, through every hard moment comes something good. It’s the flow of life.

My hope is that you have been able to feel a part of this journey with me and really enjoy seeing the launch process. It’s been wonderful to include you in everything and I really love when you respond to my emails with your thoughts and comments.

All my love,


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  1. Chelsea Caddick says:

    Wow woman, for one I think you did a phenomenal job on the book, as I have learned so many valuable tips and tricks with meal prepping and just info about whole foods in general. I am so glad to hear that your pro list outweighs your con list but in my eyes, you did it! Wow, another vulnerable but valuable thing you’ve provided the public with. Its gold!

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