The Only Butt and Arm Workout You Need!

23 May 2016

Want to get in shape quickly? Read more to learn about this butt and arms workout that you will love/hate me for making you do…

Since getting to Thailand, I’ve had the awesome opportunity of working out with the two instructors for the MK courses, Celia and Julia, which has made it so much more fun. It’s also been challenging me to come up with new and butt-kicking workouts; something I love doing.

You all seemed to really enjoy when I post my workouts on snapchat (if you ain’t following me, you probably should as I post some pretty awesome shtuff there –> @nikkirshap) as they are my most screen shot thing I post. I promised you all that if I got enough engagement on my snap stories regarding the workouts I would post them on my website for you. Well, you all shouted loud and clear that you want them, so I’ll try and post them over the next few weeks for you to do. Don’t forget to comment on which ones you try so I know how to modify them. Each workout I post I have done and some will challenge you for speed, some will make your whole body cry and some are more focused on specific areas to tone up.

Today’s workout was one that I randomly came up with and it is KILLER. You end up doing 210 squats and 210 pushups, but forget I told you that because you shouldn’t know until the end when you finish. When you get to round 14 you’re going to want to quit, but keep going. I promise this one will leave you feel sweaty, challenged, yet really proud you continued it! I don’t get sore that often but this one definitely me feeling it the next day.



The basis is that you have two exercises:

  • squats
  • pushups

Remember to keep good form when you do the exercises, so don’t try and rush through them, forgoing form. Do as many pushups each time without your knees on the ground (even if it means only 3), then finish the round with your knees on the ground. Try to minimize your rest after you finish each round. You’re not going for time here, but you do want to keep your heart rate up.

If you find it’s too easy, then start doing jump squats counting from 10 down to 1. (I did this, and yes, you’re welcome. Your butt will hate you, but you’ll thank me later!)

Hope you all love this workout as much as I did! Comment below and let me know when you try it!

Tons of love,


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  1. Carly says:

    Thank you for sharing! I am always looking for new strength workouts to build muscle because I often focus on running and cardio. This is definitely a challenging one but you FEEL THE BURN 🙂 and the hard work pays off!

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