My Favorite Outdoor Workouts

I always get asked about my workout routine and my favorite exercise to lose weight or tone up, so I decided to do a series of blog posts on my favorite exercis... Read More

Exercises to Burn Off Your Favorite Foods

Happy Holidays! Of course I absolutely love the holidays, but they also frustrate me because of how hard it is to eat healthy. Too often I see people become t... Read More

Top Fitness Tips For a Great Body

I recently did a photoshoot with Carbon38 to showcase new products they are selling online and I’m so happy with the pics. During the shoot we did three d... Read More

Getting My A** Kicked By Jillian Michaels

There was this time that I managed to not only meet Jillian Michaels, but she royally kicked my a** and it was AWESOME. How did I meet her you ask? After arrivi... Read More

Quick workouts …. ‘Fitness Treat Time’

Sometimes we don’t have time for the gym but want to get in a quick workout while at home. Here are two workouts to get you burning calories, sweating, an... Read More

Is Your Scale Making You Fat?

It’s nearly 2015 and time for all those New Year’s resolutions. This is a time that we are allowed to start over, let our past year’s mistakes... Read More
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